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eBay Will Remove Feedback Resulting from Carrier Delays

eBay Will Remove Feedback Resulting from Carrier Delays

eBay announced on August 31st it was extending its seller protections for performance issues related to shipping carrier delays through the end of September.

On September 8th, it clarified the announcement, adding the following three provisions to the original two:

  • Cases closed without seller resolution defects related to items not received when valid tracking is uploaded.
  • Item not received Service Metrics will be removed when you upload valid tracking for your shipment.
  • Negative or Neutral feedback related to item not received claim and late shipment will be removed

The trick, it appears, is for sellers to upload tracking information – and to do so prior to the estimated delivery date.

Note that included in the August 31st announcement but missing from the September 8th announcement was the following: “With our continued commitment to providing the most accurate delivery dates to your buyers, we have extended estimated delivery dates across the US where we have indications that packages may be delivered late.” Sellers are left to make of that omission what they will.

You can read the full September 8th post on the eBay Announcement Board.

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2 thoughts on “eBay Will Remove Feedback Resulting from Carrier Delays”

  1. Through the end of september? This Postmaster general and the six men who are his boss, is yet another example of how Trump is breaking America. Trump messes with the post office because he thinks it will help him get re-elected by slowing absentee ballots during a pandemic. Do you think these postal delays will not hurt every single business in America? I sold an ebay item August 22. As of today the customer is still waiting. When will ebay flex its muscles to get this fool out of running the usps into the ground? Doubt it? Look it up yourself. All appointed by Trump following huge donations.

  2. Gee, thanks eBay! Not! This is thoroughly meaningless and it’s just eBay throwing a bone to its sellers. Notice how nothing is said about protecting sellers from having to let buyers keep the soon-to-arrive items and being forced to refund these scammers too?

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