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eBay Gives $25 to Old Members

eBay Gives $25 to Old Members

Forgive the headline, we couldn’t resist after a reader forwarded us a message from eBay along with a note to us: “All of a sudden…I feel old.” eBay’s message to the reader:

“A special $25 coupon just for our first members. (Name redacted), thank you for being with us from the very beginning! Here’s a coupon for you, plus a look back at your history with us.”

eBay is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its founding in September, and in addition to giving sizable coupon to longtime sellers, it’s running a sale through September 8th – and it’s also offering a 25%-off coupon on 25 top brands (coupon code PARTYFOR25).

It will also host an online event called the 25th Anniversary Sellerbration featuring top executives, including eBay CEO Jamie Iannone.

Some users took to the eBay discussion boards to discuss the $25 coupon gift, which they have 10 days to spend. Congratulations to those who have been selling online longer than most. We’ll assume you started selling on eBay at a very young age.

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Ina Steiner
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9 thoughts on “eBay Gives $25 to Old Members”

  1. I got one of these coupons – but since its not from ANY seller of any items I actually want – Its gonna have to go to waste.

    Is there a key gen we can make that will generate codes so that more people can “participate”? Wheres a good hacker when you need one!

    Odd that Id get one … while I am an OLD OLD account – eBay and I have gone to war over Fake Vero issues, Returns, and much much more. And while I hate them with the passion of 1000 suns, they must have short memories – since they ponied up that coupon. …. odd.

  2. Got one today and I don’t even know if I will use it. I just downgraded my store to starter since I only run auctions and with the few sales I get it does not really matter. I am going to be shutting down for a few months nay way since I will be moving out of state so by paying the $14.00 odd dollars I will save money. After I make the move I will be migrating off of eBay to another site that I am getting a lot more sales on for less cost.

  3. PACE306 – this is different than the $25 to be put toward 25 brands. eBay is actually GIVING $25 to its earliest sellers that they can apply to purchases over $25.01.

  4. Got my coupon, used it for a couple of things I usually buy from Amazon, unexpected free money is still free money, right?!! Amused by how incorrect their stats were in my history they showed in the email, but not surprised.

  5. Even I got a $25 coupon.
    I haven’t sold on Ebay in 12 years.
    Haven’t bought in over a year.
    Throw it out……

  6. Got mine the other day, account history is totally inaccurate but not surprised. Found out you cannot split the coupon between managed payments items and PayPal items when trying to purchase multiple items in the cart. Guess they can’t figure out the math!

  7. I never got an email, but found out about the code on a random blog. I have 3 eBay accounts, and it worked on my oldest account only. Bought a $50 item I purchase regularly, and saved half with the code. Still waiting for my “invitation”.

  8. Used mine for two jugs of kitty litter. And I don’t have cats. Works great on all the dribble coming out of greedbay.

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