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eBay Credits Seller Account for End of Month Glitch

eBay Credits Seller Account for End of Month Glitch

eBay acknowledged a July billing glitch in a message to a seller who had filed a report, but will eBay credit all sellers impacted?

eBay credited a seller for a billing glitch we reported on August 1st that impacted an unknown number of sellers.

eBay provides a certain amount of free listings each month, and on the last day of July, eBay began incorrectly charging sellers fees for listings that should have been free.

eBay told the seller in an email it had experienced a brief technical error on July 31 that resulted in insertion fees being incorrectly charged.

eBay told the seller it had credited their account for the incorrect charges. “The credit will appear as a “One-time fee credit” on your next eBay invoice.”

eBay has not publicly acknowledged the glitch on the Technical Issues board or the Seller Announcement board, so it’s unknown if it is only crediting the accounts of sellers who filed a report, or if it plans to issue a credit to all sellers impacted by billing glitch.

Another issue is that some sellers noticed eBay was incorrectly charging them on July 31st so they stopped listing, therefore were unable to take advantage of the full number of free listings for which they qualified.

Sellers also discussed the issue on the eBay discussion boards.

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2 thoughts on “eBay Credits Seller Account for End of Month Glitch”

  1. Of course they are not going to acknowledge the problem because it was nothing more than another one of those intentional money grabs that Ebay seems to have a chronic history of. If the Seller does not catch it and contact Ebay about it they will once again line their pockets with stolen fees, another Ebay trait under Wenig that evidently is going to be continuing forward with the new CEO. Before those who think that the CEO has no control over this type of stuff, he does, and can immediately tell his underlings to post the glitch on the announcement boards and automatically credit those that were overcharged. But nothing seems to be changing under the new CEO which is probably why he was finally hired anyway. The BOD wanted somebody in that position who would continue to turn a blind eye to all of these types of issues.

    Ebay needs to show that the 2nd quarter results were not a fluke that was completely attributable to the pandemic and people needing to buy more things online rather than venture out and find that most of the stores are closed anyway. Obviously Mangled Payments is not going as smoothly as they had been forecasting to Wall Street so nothing like slight of hand over billings to help them through the unrealized increases that were predicted for Mangled Payments this quarter.

  2. The BOD wanted a new CEO that was completely oblivious to problems that are there and if you do not complain they claim Non Compis Mentis.

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