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eBay Managed Payments: Next Up, Canada and Australia

eBay Managed Payments: Next Up, Canada and Australia

eBay announced today it’s expanding Managed Payments to Australia and Canada, the 4th and 5th countries where eBay will manage payments. eBay has already begun managing payments for a percentage of sellers in the US, Germany and UK.

eBay explained that the pace of the rollout is dictated by the terms of the Operating Agreement it entered in to with PayPal, which expires in July 2020. eBay and PayPal split in 2015 after pressure from activist investors led by Carl Icahn.

eBay started managing payments on its platform in the US with a select group of sellers in September 2018, and expanded the experience to Germany in September 2019.

According to the eBay announcement:

“The company has made tremendous progress with its new payments experience, having processed more than $2 billion in GMV for over 25,000 sellers, and saving sellers almost $10 million as of the end of Q4 2019. Later this year, the company will continue its global expansion and expects to have transitioned a majority of the sellers on its marketplace into the new payments experience in 2021.”

eBay did not get specific about the timeline, writing, “As eBay continues to modernize its marketplace and create a more streamlined experience for buyers and sellers, the company is expanding its management of payments to Australia and Canada later this year.”

Read the full announcement on the eBay corporate blog.

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Ina Steiner
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7 thoughts on “eBay Managed Payments: Next Up, Canada and Australia”

  1. To all those Canadian sellers who laughed at the sellers in the US about mangled payments. WELCOME TO THE CLUB

  2. They can’t do anything but spew BS. “25,000 sellers, and saving sellers almost $10 million as of the end of Q4 2019”. Good grief. 25000 is a drop in the bucket when all is said and done because they can’t seem to get it right no matter what they do. Their software is going to crash as soon as they add more sellers and as for saving sellers money, all they do is rob and steal. Disgusting!!!

  3. @canbrit

    Ebays rules no matter what they say or do or claim. Its ebays playground. Follow the rules or go elsewhere. Welcome to Mangled Payments. Go on vacation, when you come back Mangled Payments will be right there waiting for you to sign up.

  4. @who really cares

    Sounds like to me you want everyone in their club. People do have choices. Maybe you don’t and for that I’m sorry.

  5. @canbrit

    No one said you didn’t have a choice. Either join or leave and if you think going on vacation is going to help MP will be there for you to join when you come back. So what choice are you going to make?

  6. Did eBay finally sort out the problems with managed payments and the global shipping program?

    1. @Arthur

      On eBay’s website FAQs, the answer is no:

      “We currently do not support the Global Shipping Program for sellers who have registered for managed payments. However, all non-US buyers can shop and pay on the US ebay.com site as they do today. If they are buying from a seller opted in for managed payments, the non-US buyer can pay using credit or debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, or Discover) and you would ship internationally on your own.”

      In the Spring Seller Update on February 26, 2020, eBay said it would add support for the Global Shipping Program to Managed Payments “in early spring.”

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