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Amazon Survey Shows Its Platform Boosts Small Businesses

Amazon Survey Shows Its Platform Boosts Small Businesses

Amazon commissioned a survey that found small- and medium-sized businesses who sell on Amazon are more likely to have high growth than those that don’t sell on its marketplace.

“Small businesses that sell in Amazon’s stores are 2.5 times more likely (46% versus 18%) to have seen revenue growth of 25% or more in the past year than those not selling in our stores,” the IDC study found.

And as a whole, “94% of SMBs selling in Amazon’s stores said they’d seen some growth in the past year, compared to 66% of businesses who are not selling in our stores.”

The research also found that most of its sellers sell on multiple channels, both online and offline: “The majority of U.S. SMBs that sell products online typically sell their products through more than one online channel, and also sell through offline channels. 81% of Amazon sellers sell via other online channels, and generate, on average, 54% of their revenue from offline channels,” according to the research.

Amazon also wants credit for helping to create jobs, citing a finding from the study that showed SMBs (the term for “small- and medium-sized businesses”) who sell in Amazon’s stores are more than twice as likely to see 25% to more than 50% hiring growth compared to SMBs that are not (37% versus 16%) selling in Amazon’s stores.

The full announcement is available on the AboutAmazon.com blog.

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  1. Small businesses are also susceptible to having Amazon steal your designs if you sell custom made products. That’s the one reason i have avoided it for years. You have to read the fine print. They own anything you list on their site.

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