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eBay Still Working on Tech Issues Impacting Item Specifics

eBay Still Working on Tech Issues Impacting Item Specifics

eBay is still working to fix a major problem with Item Specifics that hit the site on Tuesday. In an update to sellers on Thursday, it acknowledged that in addition to causing problems for sellers listing products for sale, it also had an impact on shoppers.

The issue is creating a problem in search, with the new item specifics not appearing in the left-hand navigation search filter, eBay said. “Search using left hand navigation filters is missing certain item specifics such as size.”

eBay also offered important advice to sellers who are encountering difficulties.

You can find eBay’s post below, and you can leave a comment on the EcommerceBytes Blog.

Updated Announcement Board Post follows:

[Update] Technical issues reported in Seller Hub, and listings in clothing, shoes and accessories (Last Edited 10-17-2019 09:24:09 AM)

Our technical teams have been working around the clock to resolve two issues caused by the Oct 15 category update rollout:

1) An issue that prevented sellers from re-listing or revising listings in certain categories
2) Search using left hand navigation filters is missing certain item specifics such as size

We recognize that in our desire to deliver an enhanced site experience, we have caused issues for our sellers and we apologize for this. Our intention is to provide as much detail as possible to help you manage any impact to your business.


As announced in the Fall Seller Update, we are working to make it easier for buyers to find your items and give you guidance about item specifics. In doing so, we have been migrating categories into three types of item specifics – required, recommended and additional. As we roll out these changes, item specifics in certain categories may change, be added or removed, so that we can create better descriptors, which help to further index the listing in search and provide better visibility to buyers. For example, the various item specifics that represent size in the sub-categories of clothing, shoes and accessories (ie: Size (women’s), Size (men’s)) were updated and consolidated into one normalized item specific – size.

Current Situation:

There was a technical issue and some of the item specifics did not update correctly. As a result, some listings were blocked during re-list or revision.

In addition, the new, required field is showing up as blank and the listing appears incomplete.

This issue also created a problem in search, with the new item specifics not appearing in the left hand navigation search filter.

Important update:

As we work to completely resolve this issue and ensure item specifics are mapped correctly to the new item specifics, you can take note of the following:

Your listing is no longer blocked from being re-listed or revised because the required item specific is blank. Behind the scenes we will map the new item specific to the original item specific.

Next steps for sellers:

For now, you should continue providing all of the required, recommended and additional item specifics as needed. For the required item specifics that are blank, no action is required on your part – we will map the fields on the back end. Additionally, we are working on a solution to create a copy of the old item specifics data and copy it into its new equivalent so the required item specific will be automatically filled with the same value.

We’re aware that some sellers have chosen to end their listings and use the ‘sell similar’ feature to change the information in their listings. We do not recommend doing this. However, if you decide to, please 1) check your remaining free listing allowance first to avoid incurring additional insertion fees, and 2) be aware that ending a Good ‘Til Cancelled listing will remove its sales history.

We will continue to update this announcement with news as it becomes available.

We appreciate your patience and as always, thank you for selling on eBay.

Original announcement:

We’ve received reports of technical issues in Seller Hub, including sales graphs not being up to date, as well as problems when revising or creating listings within Clothing, Shoes and Accessories categories.

We’d like to assure you that eBay is aware and we’re working on fixing both issues as a high priority. Please check back and we will update this post when it’s resolved.

We apologize for any inconvenience and as always, thank you for selling on eBay.

SOURCE: eBay Announcement Board Post (Update from 10-17-2019 09:24:09 AM PT)

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  1. Does eBay ever test anything before they roll it out or is testing first against company policy? It seems they just roll out the updates and close their eyes and cross their fingers. I am no IT person by any stretch of the imagination, but their system is so antiquated, I am surprised we are not seeing a DOS screen when we log in.

  2. This is typically what happens when the production and development environments get out of sync. The changes work good in the development environments and has issues when deployed to production. The longer a platform is in operation the greater the risk is of this happening.

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