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eBay Reports Tech Issues on Tuesday

eBay Reports Tech Issues on Tuesday

eBay issued a warning about technical issues impacting both Seller Hub and with listings in fashion. Sellers also reported such problems on Ecommerce EKG and on the eBay Technical Issues board.

eBay said it was working on fixing both issues as a high priority.

Update: eBay said the issues had been resolved in an update to its post at 8:47 pm ET.

Update 10/16/2019: Tuesday evening’s note that the problems had been resolved disappeared from the Announcement Board post on Wednesday, and sellers continued to report major problems creating and revising listings due to problems with Item Specifics.

The issues appear to be quite serious – eBay executive Harry Temkin had to cancel an Facebook Live appearance on Wednesday afternoon because he was “working with teams on resolving the technical issues surrounding Item Specifics.”

We’re not sure if the issue with Item Specifics is also impacting buyers who try to narrow down searches using filters.

eBay Announcement follows:

Technical issues reported in Seller Hub, and listings in clothing, shoes and accessories

We’ve received reports of technical issues in Seller Hub, including sales graphs not being up to date, as well as problems when revising or creating listings within Clothing, Shoes and Accessories categories.

We’d like to assure you that eBay is aware and we’re working on fixing both issues as a high priority. Please check back and we will update this post when it’s resolved.

We apologize for any inconvenience and as always, thank you for selling on eBay.

SOURCE: eBay Announcement Board Post

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Ina Steiner
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2 thoughts on “eBay Reports Tech Issues on Tuesday”

  1. No it hasn’t been resolved. It’s a mess in Fashion. Without some serious changes your item will not be visible without some specific key word matching.

    Here’s an example: Search just for “Tommy Bahama” Click on Men’s Casual Button-Down Shirts (subcategory). (Count = 61,839)
    If you have one listed and edited it you would now be told there are 6 item specifics required:
    Size Type
    Sleeve Length

    Size is now blank.
    After that a many voluntary specifics you can click on and enter a value. The 1st two are:

    I don’t recall using type before but it has the word “shirts” as chosen from a list. You can always choose from the list or enter your onw for any item specific (I think).

    Going back to the Tommy Bahama search, The item specifics down the left side in order are :
    Sleeve Length
    Country of Manufacture
    Guaranteed Delivery
    Buying Format
    Item Location
    Delivery Options

    What about Brand, Size, and Size type? You have to click on another item specific to make size appear, and not all work.
    Sleeve length, the 1st one, shows almost all the 62000 Tommy Bahama shirts accounted for. If you choose SHORT SLEEVES, you narrow the field down to 42,000 shirts but no size yet.
    Next required specific is STYLE. There should be 42000 entries but there are only 4 choices presented:
    Basic (56)
    Tunic (2)
    Jersey (1)
    Not Specified (2035)
    If you don’t select any STYLE all 42,000 shirts remain in the list but if you do you have just lost 40,000 possibilities from your search. My personal shirt had “Hawaiian” as my Style. It’s not shown. Was I one of the lucky 2035 that will be shown as NOT SPECIFIED? I Don’t know.
    The next Specific is Material. All the choices total about 10,000 with NOT SPECIFIED (3400) and SILK (821). So 30,000 more shirts are missing from this Specific.
    My shirt is silk so I chose silk.
    Now that the field has been reduced to 821, the SIZE specific finally appears below Colors.
    All 800 remaining shirts seem to be there included NOT SPECIFIED (53). Mine is large so I clicked on that.
    Yes, mine is one of the lucky 352 Large now shown but remember, I edited the listing to add the size, and I didn’t click on STYLE. That could have been a kiler.
    Also I’m curious about TYPE specific. It contains many of the choices of a few days ago Like HAWAIIAN (gone), Button-Up, Button-Down, Button-Front. T-shirt, Polo, etc.
    Isn’t is funny how the subcategory is called BUTTON-DOWN and the choices in TYPE describe the buttons every which way but loose?

    Anyways, It seems to me, sales should be down the last 2 days on ebay, but maybe it’s just the sellers who have already edited their listings who are selling things. Mine have crashed.
    In case you’re waiting for eBay to make things right, let me say a couple years ago, they changed around the SPORTS-GOLF category. They dumped all my shirts from ther into an new subcategory called “Other” because their algorithm couldn’t be bother to look at where mine had been and move it to the correct new one. I’m not holding my breath that they will do any more than what they already fixed which was preventing editing and relistings without re-inserting the size specific. Great fix: Looks like they just allowed to to be left blank and likely cloaked from view in the middle of the haystack.

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