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Etsy to Add New Features to Ad Program Next Week

Etsy to Add New Features to Ad Program Next Week

Etsy will add some new features to the Etsy Ads program next week. According to the announcement:

  • Rolling out next week: You’ll be able to filter between Active and Inactive listings in the listing selector. See all the listings you are not currently advertising to quickly select which ones you want to start advertising.
  • Listing selection in your App: Managing Etsy Ads on the go? You can now review and change your advertising listings through the Sell on Etsy App.

Etsy launched its new Etsy Ads program in August, integrating with Google Product Listing Ads (Google Shopping). The marketplace explained at the time, “Instead of managing two separate campaigns through Promoted Listings and Google Shopping, you can set a single daily budget and see your advertising performance in one place. Using Etsy’s data insights and expertise, we’ll identify the right places and times to show your ads.”

More information about the latest Etsy Ads features is available on the Etsy announcement board.

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Ina Steiner
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5 thoughts on “Etsy to Add New Features to Ad Program Next Week”

  1. My views on Etsy are DOWN 65% when compared to the same day one year ago.
    Sales are non existant.
    We can speculate as to the reason…….

  2. ALSO :
    We’ve had the “Active”, Inactive” toggle option forever.
    So, I don’t know what all the hoopla’s about.
    The way Etsy presents it, just selecting an item to reactivate is throwing it in the “Advertising” hopper.
    That’s fine…..if it’s FREE :o)

  3. This is old news? We have been suffering this for a few weeks now and it’s very concerning. I see beautiful products from sellers and why they are suddenly unable to sell them must be because of these “new” ads. I know for myself I have gone down over a thousand dollars a month compared to July, 2019. This change actually started mid-August, though they claim it was the first of September.

    It appears sellers are scrambling not only what to create, but now where to sell their products for the holidays. Some are worried since they have already ordered their stock for the holidays and many sellers cannot sell anything much right now with these new ads and could ruin their ability to sell them on Etsy with a huge loss of income. To start “trying” this new concept during the holiday season is a negative move for Etsy in my opinion.

    1. @Whatsup2656 – Etsy always (or almost always) throws sellers a curve ball just before the holiday season. This year is no exception with the new ad system as well as the push for free shipping.

  4. @TheEnd – Gotta think longer-term with retail. Comparing one day to another day doesn’t provide any useful information.

    I compare month to month YOY. Awhile back, I created a spreadsheet showing my Etsy revenue by month for every month since I started my Etsy shop in August 2006. I look at each month as a ladder to climb with my best-ever September (or whatever month) being the top rung.

    2019 is my 5th best year on Etsy and I’m $32 away from this being my 4th best year. This is my 3rd best September and, interestingly, that is also $32 away from this being my 2nd best September.

    I am not a big-time seller. I wish I could sell more on Etsy but striving to make each month the best yet is a fun challenge!

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