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eBay Compares Structured Data to a Marie Kondo Cleanup

eBay Compares Structured Data to a Marie Kondo Cleanup

eBay compared its work on structured data to a Marie Kondo-style cleanup. Structured data is eBay’s attempt to standardize, classify, and organize seller listings to make it easier for shoppers to find them – for example, antiques or other non-commodity goods that don’t display bar codes.

eBay profiled Senior Product Manager Era Johal in a write-up on Tuesday, explaining that Johal uses structured data to organize eBay’s 1.3 billion seller listings.

“How does eBay organize its 1.3 billion listings worldwide? Meet the Marie Kondo of eBay: Era Johal. Buyers and sellers rely on Era, a senior product manager, to make sure their inventory has a tidy, dedicated place to be found across eBay’s millions of shelves in 190 markets.”

eBay explained that buyers and sellers don’t always use the same language: “A seller’s self-described “maxi dress” might be missed in a buyer’s search for a “a long dress.” Structured data services help fill in the gaps.” eBay said Johal ensures that every listing is classified and its language structured to improve findability – “Just like the KonMari method,” a reference to Marie Kondo’s term for her system of organizing clients’ homes.

“In her day-to-day role, Era conducts category research and then finds ways to scale findability for even the smallest category of listings. On top of that, she investigates ways to automate classification for sellers and spends time working with partners in search, selling and buying to make sure structured data benefits their site features.

““Our team is obsessed with data-powered discovery,” she said. “We keep things structured so search results are relevant and selling classification is painless.””

You can read the full post on the eBay corporate blog.

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  1. Any IT person will get a chuckle out of this. It’s a technology that’s been around for at least 15 years that I know of. I used to use a free search engine on my website from ATOMZ and it did this task admirably. Many developers were disappointed when they shut it down.

  2. Kinda like making a beautiful Japanese garden, then the truck from Promoted Listings shows up and pours cement all over it.

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