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Etsy Hires Chief Marketing Officer

Etsy Hires a Chief Marketing Officer

Two years after becoming CEO of Etsy and going on a cost-cutting regimen, Josh Silverman showed his commitment to marketing by hiring a Chief Marketing Officer.

Ryan Scott will join Etsy on June 24, 2019, in the newly created position and will be responsible for digital marketing, advertising, brand, communications, and market research and international growth initiatives “as Etsy scales its brand and performance marketing operations,” according to the announcement.

Etsy described his background as follows:

“Scott brings extensive management and marketing expertise to his new role. As CMO of Slice (a digital marketplace for pizza ordering), he was responsible for leading the end-to-end consumer experience, including product development, as well as growing brand affinity and user adoption. Prior to joining Slice, Scott was the CMO of SoulCycle, where he expanded the brand into digital media and performance marketing, and held the position of Co-CEO at Pond5, a marketplace for royalty-free media. While there, Scott rebranded the company and built its sales and marketing teams. Previously, Scott spearheaded marketing and operations at Seamless as the company’s first CMO, repositioning the brand to consumers, including changing its name to Seamless, and driving rapid mobile adoption and market expansion through its merger with Grubhub in 2013.”

Silverman will look to the new CMO to increase the frequency of return visits by Etsy buyers, many of whom come to the site once a year for a calendar holiday or special occasion, the CEO noted recently.

Scott will be based at Etsy’s headquarters in Brooklyn, NY and report to Silverman.

SOURCE: Etsy Press Release

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Ina Steiner
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7 thoughts on “Etsy Hires Chief Marketing Officer”

  1. “Scott brings extensive management and marketing expertise to his new role.”
    Ya, ya, ya,…….
    Keep your nose OUT of OUR businesses.
    WE control Everything.
    The bigger “Etsy’s” money grab, the higher the price to our clients and customers.
    STOP the vicious cycle.

  2. We need a PASSIVE selling arena.
    Like Craigslist with multiple payment options, none mandatory, cart,……
    The ability to ship / mail using OUR OWN choice of method.
    NO INTERFERENCE in any way from the arena.
    That’s why it’s PASSIVE. It just runs in the background….facilitating
    It’s the New Iteration of eCommerce :o)

    1. It’s the current level of “passivity” that has turned Etsy into Chinese Ebay. There is no oversight other than the automated flagging of “prohibited” items which only seems to apply to ivory, using the words “Cuban, Iran, or blackface”. Other than that, it’s a free for all, and visibility is determined by a seller’s production scale or participation in paid advertising and Google search. So while I agree with your assertion that shipping options and payment options shouldn’t be interfered with, the bigger issue is their strategy of collecting listing fees from sellers who assume they will actually be seen on the platform when the reality is that the entire business model is now geared toward a gigantic upsell that amounts to “pay to play” or be a sucker. Etsy is a disaster, fueled solely on satisfying stock holders at any cost, employing site tweakers to give the impression that they are improving their platform,when in fact, they are making it impossible for sellers to develop any momentum. Their only interest is competing with Amazon and NO ONE is going to be successful in challenging that beast.

  3. I’m not sure that hawking pizza is going to translate well, but I’m open to seeing what he can do. They need something – right now the site is getting so sugary-cute that my teeth hurt every time I go there to tend my shop.

  4. Etsy has already warned us that we will start having to pay extra to get out listing on google search or even on Etsy search. If we don’t pay, our listings won’t come up on any internal search page, our stuff will be invisible to Etsy shoppers.

  5. Pizza marketing. How nice that he is so knowledgeable about handmade pizza. That will work real well in his role as Etsy’s Marketing Officer.

  6. @littlesaint30 :
    You need to understand the word PASSIVE.
    NO INTERFERENCE whatsoever by the venue.
    All they should be doing is collecting their listing fee.
    Active interference (taking a cut of everything WE control) by the “Hosting Venue” is unacceptable.
    People will buy from those with Good Items.
    I understand how You mean it….turning a blind eye……
    A Passive Venue (only gets the listing fee) is NECESSARY to a viable eCommerce environment.

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