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Amazon Asks Sellers to Stock FBA Shelves for 1-Day Prime

Amazon Asks Sellers to Stock FBA Shelves for 1-Day Prime

Sellers who use Amazon’s FBA fulfillment service can “increase sales and earn storage fee discounts of 50 to 75%,” the marketplace announced on Tuesday as it looks for more inventory to help it meet its one-day shipping commitment to Prime members.

Amazon is getting its fulfillment network ready for the transition to free one-day shipping for Prime members, who currently get free 2-day shipping – a move Amazon revealed on April 25th.

Amazon’s announcement to sellers on Tuesday about the FBA promotion follows:

“Make the most of Prime One-Day shipping! We’re reducing the cost to store popular products in our fulfillment centers to help you provide more One-Day shipping inventory and increase your sales. Starting in June 2019, for a limited time, earn lower monthly inventory storage fees on your eligible products when you maintain our suggested inventory levels. To find out which products qualify for discounts of up to 75%, visit Target inventory monthly storage fee promotion.”

According to sellers, they must maintain target inventory levels on eligible products for at least 21 days of the month in order to qualify for the promotion. Be sure to read the FAQs and all details before making a decision about whether to participate.

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One thought on “Amazon Asks Sellers to Stock FBA Shelves for 1-Day Prime”

  1. Problem is, their “suggested levels” are a joke. Repeatedly they tell me that I should stock 15-30 of an item, when I haven’t had that many sales in months! It seems that they based these “suggestions” on how many THEY sell – when there are 15 different FBA sellers for the same item, at the same price, well, our sales are much lower. I’ve yet to see any of those “suggestions” come close to the real world sales numbers – and if I did stock that many, our storage fees would go up, and we’d likely be stuck with too many when the 6 month mark came by. Please note that they already score us on how well we adhere to their stocking advice – their inventory performance index (which can control your storage levels) has a large segment based on these numbers, so they’re not just “suggestions”

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