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If You Were Thinking of Trying UPS, Now Might Be the Time

UPS shipping
If You Were Thinking of Trying UPS Now Might Be the Time

UPS is running some compelling promotions to celebrate National Small Business Week. If you have been thinking about trying UPS, now might be the time to investigate.

Among the offerings during the limited time promotion are free pickup service (it automatically schedules a pickup when it sees you’re sending a shipment); free consultations; and discounted shipping.

It may or may not be competitive with a service like USPS, depending on your needs. It’s difficult to compare the apples to oranges fees – be sure to factor in the free USPS boxes and various UPS surcharges when making your comparisons.

Press release follows:

In celebration of National Small Business Week (May 5-11), UPS announced special promotions and discounts to help small businesses succeed. The significant savings and consultative programs help small and medium-sized businesses work more efficiently, scale and grow.

Beginning May 1, small businesses that open an account through UPS.com/smallbizmonth can receive UPS Smart Pickup service at no cost. This convenient service option automatically requests a pickup when a customer ships online. Merchants that sign up for UPS Smart Pickup service with UPS® shipping included can also save 25% off ground shipping, 40% off air shipping and up to 50% off international shipping.* Additional benefits for new account holders include:

  • Instant shipping discounts to save more money
  • No weekly service charges
  • No waiting in lines
  • Free virtual consultations with a UPS expert to help businesses grow

To equip small businesses with the tools and resources they need, UPS experts offer virtual consultations designed to help them operate more efficiently. The free service coupled with special discounts enable small businesses to scale, access reliable shipping and tracking solutions and manage cash flow.

“Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and UPS is committed to supporting them and helping them grow,” said Kevin Warren, chief marketing officer at UPS. “We understand the many challenges small businesses face and our customized solutions and attractive rates make it easier for them to do business with UPS.”

Last year, UPS announced a strengthened focus on expanding relationships with SMBs through customized service offerings, more tailored digital connections and simplified pricing. The company’s strong delivery network reliability and significantly expanded capacity is enabling broader discounts at this important time of the year, and is evidence of UPS’s commitment to SMB customers.

For more information about this month’s special promotions, visit UPS Small Business Month.

*Terms and conditions apply.

SOURCE: UPS Press Release

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Ina Steiner
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2 thoughts on “If You Were Thinking of Trying UPS, Now Might Be the Time”

  1. Unti they bring pricing down on small packages to match USPS First Class it’ll be a no go.. we already get raped with being forced into free shipping and returns.. every package will continue to go out with the cheapest trackable shipping method possible.

  2. I agree 100% with shut1968 .

    I have listed items free shipping/free returns to get them higher in search results (I hope), but I gave up shipping with eBay/Paypal years ago. I went with Stamps.com and don’t like the subscription costs, but the savings more than offset the charge — especially the hours of time it saves me, and I only need 12 pages of paper for a yearly postage summary spreadsheet it creates automatically, instead of individual receipts and I have to do all the math by hand. Not to mention the frustrating “system unavailable try later ” time waster I would REPEATEDLY get trying to use eBay/Paypal.

    Beyond that, I HAVE used UPS and the best way for me is shipping through a commercial account (which I don’t have). A local small business is generous enough to let me use theirs. I can’t even get a shipping quote online because I do not have their number to plug in (and for privacy reasons, do not want it). That said, my experience has been terrible damage on packages – almost certainly at the sorting centers – our drivers are great. One package arrived so badly damaged that the shipping store where they packed my purchases (thank goodness they packed as defensively as they did) is now using the photos I sent them for employee training!

    I have had exactly the opposite experience with USPS – of hundreds of packages I have shipped, perhaps 3 or 4 have been smashed enough to damage contents. (That said, it does help to pack defensively, but in my own experience the difference in UPS handling vs USPS is dramatic.) I did try a UPS account for a while, but gave it up after reading the back of the waybill about what was and was not insurable. I hope they have changed that, it was a few years ago.

    The little niceties UPS is offering, per the news release, are not even a consideration for me. Until they pay a LOT more attention to care and handling, I’m not interested. All the bennies they are offering aren’t — to me — worth the aggravation of trying to deal with a package smashed badly enough to destroy its contents, having to file an insurance claim after both the recipient and myself spending a lot of time documenting damage, and then fighting them to come through on the insurance.

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