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eBay CEO and CFO Cash Out Some Stock Options

eBay CEO and CFO Cash Out Some Stock Options

Much of the compensation executives receive come in the form of stock options, and it’s routine for them to cash out periodically. But since all eyes are on eBay due to activist investor Elliott Management pressuring the Board, we took a look at the SEC Form 4s that eBay released on Monday.

Employees can exercise their options by buying stock at the stated discount or fixed price, and they have the option of then selling the shares at market price, and that’s what eBay CEO Devin Wenig and Chief Financial Officer Scott Schenkel did last week.

eBay CEO Devin Wenig’s Form 4 indicates he “acquired” 134,207 shares at $14.67/share, of which he “disposed” of 96,040 at $33.65/share, and “acquired” 83,108 shares at $14.86/share, of which he “disposed” 55,336 at $33.65/share.

eBay CFO Scott Schenkel’s Form 4 shows he “acquired” 10,157 shares at $14.86/share, of which he “disposed” of 6,566 shares at $33.65/share.

As a reminder, here’s a look at the executives’ compensation for 2017, reported last year. Their 2018 compensation will become available in the spring.

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3 thoughts on “eBay CEO and CFO Cash Out Some Stock Options”

  1. Like the rats leaving a sinking ship they have to have filled there food sack first. These idiots are on there way out and its only a matter of time before the ship sinks.

  2. If my calculator is right, Wenig received over $5 million which cost him a bit over $3 million, and he still has over $2 Million in stock options left to cash in. So for the cost of $3 million he can get almost $7.5 million in cash. What has he done to be worth that? But then the smart move that he is making is exercising his stock options now while there is still a company to pay them out.

    I don’t sell on eBay anymore, but the way that place has been run, I’d be happy to take over for a $1 Million, plus be allowed to take my naps as needed and an endless supply of peanut M&Ms.

  3. Egad – anyone who is part of a corporation should NOT be allowed to own any of the company shares. It’s criminal how they are insider trading like mad and other companies are destroyed by a greedy CEO – yes, we are talking about Sears.

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