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eBay Counts on Sellers to Use Its Branded Shipping Supplies


eBay logoeBay has built an entire marketing campaign around the boxes sent to its customers with the Fill Your Cart with Color campaign. But it has no control over the packaging sellers use to send eBay orders (and every day there are stories about eBay orders arriving in Amazon boxes).

Now the marketplace is asking sellers to use its special eBay-branded holiday shipping supplies, which it sells on its site. In a post on Monday, the company wrote, “eBay-branded shipping supplies are the perfect way to deliver great customer service because they make your business appear more professional and align to the larger eBay brand.”

It’s enticing sellers with a giveaway: If they take a selfie of themselves holding an eBay order that is packaged with its eBay branded holiday shipping supplies between now and November 6th, they could win free shipping supplies.

Announcement follows:

Have you ordered our eBay-branded holiday shipping supplies yet? If not, be sure to order yours today so that you can delight your buyers throughout the Holiday season. eBay-branded shipping supplies are the perfect way to deliver great customer service because they make your business appear more professional and align to the larger eBay brand. Our limited edition holiday supplies are available now and are a fantastic way to make your packages more exciting and spread holiday cheer to your buyers. With vibrant reds and seafoam green tape, tissue paper, and stickers, our holiday supplies add a beautiful, festive flourish.

But that’s not all! Our holiday shipping supplies are your ticket to entering for a chance to win free supplies.

All you have to do is use your eBay-branded holiday tissue paper, stickers, and tape to package one of your sold items and then share a selfie with us. If your entry is selected as one of our lucky winners, you’ll receive a free pack of eBay-branded tissue paper and stickers.

Here’s How it Works:
1. Pack a sold item with our limited edition eBay-branded holiday shipping supplies.
2. Snap a selfie with your package.
3. Share your picture and give us your best packing or shipping tip in the comments below.
4. Our packing experts will select five winners to receive free shipping supplies.
5. Contest starts October 30 and entries close on November 6. Selected winners will be announced on November 7.

So, start packing and spreading holiday cheer with colorful and fun packages. Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures and share them with us so you can enter to win.

SOURCE: eBay Announcement

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Ina Steiner
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4 thoughts on “eBay Counts on Sellers to Use Its Branded Shipping Supplies”

  1. With five anchor stores we get coupons for about 750.00 for shipping supplies. Of that we probably use 150.00 for bags. There tape is smelly and almost useless. Most of the time their bubble bags are cut wrong leaving one side weak and anything you put into the bag might fall out before it gets to where it is supposed to go. Tissue paper, give me a break I can buy plain ordinary tissue paper cheaper at the dollar store than Ebay sells it for.

    We usually sell our coupons to friends or neighbors who just have to have the latest in designs for packaging. We con’t have the time or desire to fancy up a package when plain works better. Ebay would do well to lower the store cost and keep their crap for the fools who need comfort when packing a package.

    True business people use just regular packing supplies as they don’t have the desire to christmas wrap everything. Let ebay do their own advertising.

    1. I have heard about the smelly tape. Who would send their items with that tape on it?
      I had a package sent to me with that smells. It’s the eBay tape. Ishy

      Sellers reuse Amazon boxes because they are treated higher than full paid priority packages.

      It’s cheaper to buy a roll or two of red duct tape for that holiday touch. LOL

  2. If they want us to use their branded supplies, then they should give them out freely. The USPS provides all the boxes that I need, and I don’t pay for boxes and envelopes. Tape is cheap.

  3. Who gives a rat’s filthy posterior what eBay wants when they don’t give a damn what the sellers want?!

    I use eBay packing tape. You know why? I forget how I qualified, but I got it for FREE when they first started offering it. That is the one and ONLY reason I use it!

    C’mon eBay, start giving it away if it’s that important to you! Remember, eBay, Amazon boxes cost us nothing and help us make up a little for the lost sales you cause small sellers on a daily basis. Plus, the USPS seems to deliver Amazon boxes faster.

    eBay must start living by “Do Unto Others” before embattled sellers reciprocate.

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