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Etsy Launches New Bulk Edit Tool for Sellers


Etsy logoEtsy launched a new tool to help sellers edit listings more quickly. The bulk edit tool allows sellers to edit multiple listings at once and add up to 20 shop sections. Etsy answered seller comments and questions on an accompanying discussion thread. For example, a moderator explained, “At this time, you cannot clear the entire description and swap it for a new one. You can, however, add new text to the front of your description or to the end of your description. You can also delete or “find and replace” certain words or phrases.” Sellers seemed pleased at the new functionality and made suggestions for further improvements.

Announcement follows:

We know how busy the holidays can be for you. Between answering questions from customers, fulfilling orders, and wrapping gifts, every minute saved counts. That’s why we’re rolling out new improvements to shop manager that allow you to quickly edit multiple listings at once and add up to 20 shop sections.

Edit multiple listings at once: Now you can quickly edit multiple listings at once, so you’ll never have to make the same change to a listing title or description one listing at a time. This new tool allows you to quickly edit tags, titles, descriptions, and prices on two or more listings at once. Check it out here: www.etsy.com/your/shops/me/tools/listings

Five extra shop sections: You put a lot of creativity and effort into your items. Now you have more ways to merchandise them with up to 20 shop sections. This holiday season, help shoppers easily find the perfect gift by adding sections like “Gifts under $50” or “Ideas for Dad.” Add more shop sections here: www.etsy.com/your/shops/me/tools/listings

These are just a few improvements we’re rolling out to make this a great selling season for you and your shop. We have some more exciting plans in store for the holidays, and we’re already looking ahead to the best ways to support you in 2018.

We’ll be answering some of your questions about these tools today in this discussion thread.

SOURCE: Etsy Announcement

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2 thoughts on “Etsy Launches New Bulk Edit Tool for Sellers”

  1. The whole thing reeks of “tools for mass produced items”.
    I know because I AM the Spirit of Etsy.
    I don’t need such features because I AM every “department” in my Hand Made business.
    I’m disappointed to see more and more cheezey junk jewelry, and associated items obviously NOT created by one attentive artist.
    Once again Corporate has polluted the scene, like a chromate spill in the Colorado River.
    We need to, somehow, barricade ourselves from the corporate buttinski shark leaches.
    I want to do my magic on a venue that is run like my business.
    One person, no corporate, no global, wholey American.

  2. I don’t sell on Etsy but used to buy there – just because of the articles on Etsy here today – I just went in to look around – haven’t been there in awhile and now I know why. Where the hell are the handmade items??? I couldn’t even find a category to search for them – there aren’t even any subcategories to find. What the heck is going on over there? Guess I’ll go back to shopping on Artfire.

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