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ShippingEasy Publishes Comprehensive Shipping Guide

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ShippingEasy logoShipping and fulfillment offer online sellers some of the biggest opportunities to save money and satisfy customers. ShippingEasy created a guide to help merchants navigate the complexities of ecommerce shipping, no matter how big or small they may be.

Press release follows:

ShippingEasy, an innovative provider of the leading cloud-based solutions for e-commerce sellers of all sizes, has published the Definitive Guide to E-commerce Shipping, a must-read for online sellers wanting to optimize their shipping operations to improve customer experiences and reduce costs.

The go-to resource is written for e-commerce businesses of all sizes, from those shipping a few orders per day to multi-store, multi-warehouse operations. ShippingEasy’s Definitive Guide offers a wide range of valuable business-enhancing shipping content, including:

– Shipping’s Importance to the Customer Experience – Learn what today’s e-commerce customers expect, and the business case for optimizing shipping processes to meet and exceed those expectations.

– The Shipping Ecosystem – Understand how shipping processes and solutions integrate with selling, accounting, and other processes. Plus, examples of some common shipping process flows to use as a baseline to evaluate shipping operations.

– The Physical Environment – How picking, packing, and fulfillment processes and tools need to align with and support selling and shipping platforms.

– Shipping Service Providers and Technologies – Examine the various software and service solutions needed in order to optimize shipping operations, and get specific guidance on what capabilities to look for in each.

– Bring It All Together – Discover how shipping integrates with inventory management and customer management to holistically grow a business.

“No matter what stage of the e-commerce journey business owners are in, ShippingEasy’s Definitive Guide will help them understand shipping’s central role in an online business,” said Katie May, ShippingEasy’s CEO. “The shipping operation is the only physical touchpoint between an online seller and a customer – its importance cannot be underestimated. This comprehensive Guide makes shipping easy through expert models, visual workflows, and an approachable style. Sellers of all sizes can confidently leverage it to improve their operations and lower their cost.”

To learn more about how to optimize shipping operations for improved customer experiences and ROI, download the Definitive Guide to E-commerce Shipping.

SOURCE: ShippingEasy Press Release

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