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eBay Struggles to Patch Its Shipping Label Platform

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eBayeBay has been struggling to fix issues affecting sellers’ ability to print shipping labels through its platform. In a rare move, eBay published a post acknowledging the issue on Friday and posted several updates to the announcement as it attempted to fix the issue. eBay rolled out a fix on Saturday that didn’t work for all sellers, and reverted back to the original experience for single labels on Monday as it attempts to fix the problem for sellers using Microsoft Internet Explorer.

The announcement with updates follows:

Label Printing Issue Impacting Some Sellers (June 16)
Starting on June 16, some sellers began experiencing issues when attempting to print shipping labels from the eBay labels platform. The issue stems from a Microsoft Windows patch that rolled out earlier today and only impacts PC users who installed the patch.

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We are working to resolve the issue quickly.

In the meantime, please try these workarounds:

– Print from another browser. Some sellers are able to print by switching to another browser like Chrome or Firefox.

– Print from a Mac computer if you have access to one.

– Print from your phone. Within the eBay app, you can purchase a label, save it as a PDF and email it to yourself. Then print from your email.

– Print a label from PayPal. Go to Log into your PayPal account and locate the transaction for your sold item to be shipped. Tracking will automatically be uploaded to eBay.

Rest assured eBay will ensure this issue will not impact your seller performance metrics. We will also void and refund any labels that were purchased but could not be printed. You do not need to take any action; these adjustments will happen automatically (though it will take a couple of weeks).

We recognize this is a frustrating situation and we are working to get it resolved as soon as possible. We will update this post as we have more information until the issue has been resolved. You can also check the System Status page for updates.

Update to the eBay post (June 17)
We have rolled out a fix to all sellers to address the label printing issues on the eBay labels platform resulting from the Microsoft patch.

You may notice some changes within the printing process. The fix requires the label to be printed as a PDF instead of an image file. When you print a new shipping label, you will see a PDF preview of the label on the Print Postage Label confirmation page instead of an image preview.

For the vast majority of users, this PDF solution works without issues. However, Firefox users with the built-in PDF viewer may still face formatting issues with printed labels. eBay recommends these users install Adobe Reader and change Firefox settings to use Adobe Reader to view PDFs in the browser (see Mozilla support article for more details).

If you attempted to print labels and faced an issue, you should not attempt to reprint those labels. Instead, please void the original labels and print new labels.

As we mentioned, eBay will ensure this issue will not impact your seller performance metrics by removing late shipments and removing the tracking upload requirements for any impacted transactions.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact Customer Service.

Update to the eBay post (June 19)
Here’s the latest news on the labels printing issue related to Microsoft’s patch on Friday. On Saturday, June 17, we rolled out a fix that helped more users print labels correctly. However, we also heard that some were still experiencing issues.

To improve the overall experience for as many sellers as possible, we have reverted back to the original experience for single labels.

Some important points you should know about this experience:

– Apple macOS users will be able to print as usual.

– Windows users on Internet Explorer browsers may see a label that appears to be blank or may experience other errors while printing. In this case, you will need to reprint a label. Please switch to a different browser (or use a Mac if you have access to one) and try to print again. Click “Shipping Labels” from my eBay or Seller Hub, then click on the reprint option for the label you wish to reprint.

– If you are unable to reprint a label, please void the label and print a new label.

– Or print a new label from PayPal. Go to and follow their prompts. You will need to manually upload tracking on eBay.

Both bulk label printing and printing a shipping label from the eBay app have not been affected by this issue. You can always purchase a label within the app, save it as a PDF and email it to yourself. Then print from your email.

Reminder: your seller performance metrics will not be impacted and we will remove any late shipments or tracking upload requirements for affected transactions.

In the meantime, our engineers are working to resolve this issue for Internet Explorer browsers. Thank you for your patience.

SOURCE: eBay Announcement

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