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eBay Sellers Greeted with Access Denied Message

eBay sellers are reporting a glitch that is preventing them from listing. We heard from a seller on Thursday who wrote, “Here is one that I have not run across before. I was trying to list some items for sale today, and the first 6 or 7 went off without a hitch. Then, when I tried to do another, I got the following: “Access Denied You don’t have permission to access “” on this server. Reference #18.8ba40517.1471555085.1fb4016″

We found several threads about the problem on the and eBay UK boards. One frustrated seller said it took her 4 hours to try to list 3 items. “eBay suggested using another browser, which I did & same problem. I could cry.”

One seller posting on the same thread said they believed they had found a solution:

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“I had the same issue. I tracked it down to how the form copes with pasted content in the Details box. If I pasted formated text from Word into it, the cursor started hour-glassing, and got the error when I posted the form. What I did was paste the description into notepad (unformatted), then paste it back into the Details box.”

EcommerceBytes can’t confirm if that resolves the issue for sellers who encounter the problem, but it may be worth trying, even though that particular thread is from last month.

In March, online sellers saw a similar “access denied” message on PayPal, but that was on a much greater scale – you can find our coverage of the incident in the March 7th issue.


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