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Third Party Sellers of Electronics, Exploding Kittens, Enjoyed Amazon Prime Day

Amazon.com’s latest Prime Day recently took place, with the giant online retailer calling this second occurrence their biggest day ever, with US orders over 50 percent better than last year’s event.

While it was a great day for Amazon, it looks like it was an even better day for Amazon brands. Analytics firm 1010data feels the company left out a detail or two from its glowing press release.

“Amazon strategized and claimed 60% of the top 20 items sold on Prime Day this year. In comparison, Amazon’s own products only took up 9 of the top 20 slots last year,” 1010data’s Julia Millot wrote, also noting 30 percent of the top 1000 items were Amazon products.

For third party sellers, their success on Prime Day can almost be summed up as “did you sell electronics or not?” 1010data told EcommerceBytes the spread of what third party sellers sold on Prime Day:

The top categories amongst third party sellers per units sold (based on the top 1000 units sold) are:

Cell Phones 24%
Home 8%
Electronics|Computers 6%
Electronics 5%
Video Games 4%
Electronics|Portable 4%
Toys|Card Games 4%
Other 46%

Of the top ten items sold by third party sellers per units sold (based on the top 1000 items sold), the top three were these:

  1. SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSDXC UHS-I Card with Adapter, Grey/Red, Standard Packaging (SDSQUNC-064G-GN6MA
  2. Exploding Kittens: A Card Game About Kittens and Explosions and Sometimes Goats
  3. Xbox One Special Edition Dusk Shadow Wireless Controller

“Home, Kitchen and Electronics dominated the first Prime Day, and this year saw similar results. A few oddballs, like Mobile Apps and Women’s Wallets, grew in popularity this time around,” Millot wrote.

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