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Sellers Are Gearing up for Amazon Prime Day

Last year’s inaugural Amazon Prime Day broke global records, with unit sales exceeding 2014’s Black Friday holiday-shopping day. Amazon confirmed it will hold the event again, and although our contact wouldn’t confirm the date, Amazon has told sellers it will take place in mid-July.

The shopping “holiday” offers special pricing – “more deals than Black Friday” – but only members of Amazon Prime can take advantage of those special deals.

Even sellers who did not have the opportunity to offer a Prime Day deal saw a lift last year thanks to the traffic Amazon drove to the site – and the deals weren’t all gadgets or headliners like TVs for $999. Amazon sold 28,000 sets of Rubbermaid containers at 40% off – not many retailers can do that on a summer weekday.

Last year, Amazon ran a national TV ad campaign to get the word out about Prime, so it’s not surprising that even FBA sellers who aren’t directly offering Prime Day deals are hoping to benefit from that the influx of deal-hunting shoppers that the campaign attracts to Amazon.

This year, Amazon again invited some third-party merchants who use Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) to submit deals to Amazon for consideration. Some invited merchants were told Amazon would notify them by May 18th if any of their deals had been selected, and it told sellers they had until June 22nd to get their Prime Day deal inventory to Amazon fulfillment centers.

Amazon specified minimum deal sizes of $5,000 in some cases, or $2,500 in some categories (take your deal price and divide it into $5,000 to determine the number of units you must have available and into Amazon Fulfillment Centers in order to participate).

To ensure the deals are attractive, Amazon requires items have a minimum product rating of three stars, and deal prices must be lower than the lowest price since January 1, 2016.

To ensure it has enough attractive deals on sought-after products, Amazon counts on third-party sellers.

“For Prime Day, we will choose seller deals that provide the best value to customers. Great products. Great prices,” Amazon wrote in an invitation to sellers in April.

Last year, Amazon Prime Day fell on July 15th. Amazon considers many factors when planning an event, and if it thinks a Wednesday in mid-July works well, we could be looking at July 13th this year. Stay tuned!

Keep an eye out for our article on seller tips for taking advantage of Amazon Prime Day!

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