Email This Post Email This Post Averts Disaster after Glitch Wipes Out Some Accounts

A small number of online sellers are reporting that experienced an issue on Tuesday night in which it accidentally shut down some users’ accounts. Customers who were impacted were initially told their history was lost forever, but later received good news that their accounts had been restored.

Explained one seller in a post on the eBay discussion boards, “Since the accounts were closed and not “frozen”, it can’t be restored as the postal meter was closed as well. Meaning I as to many others have lost history of information we saved from years of using the program.”

A reader told EcommerceBytes gave them a “90 day” promotion for a new account, “though the email I just received only says 2 months…”

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Among the ramifications facing users who believed they permanently lost their USPS history through the glitch: they would be unable to request refunds.

An even bigger problem, the reader explained: “If one of my hundreds of buyers made a claim against me on any of my eCommerce sites, I couldn’t provide a receipt (screenshot) as I can’t access the account.”

Another problem: some sellers rely on postage providers for expense reports to use in filing taxes.

The reader updated us later on Wednesday with the news that his account had been restored after all. found a way to reverse the issue for everyone, he said. “My new account has been closed and the free 90 days was moved to my old account. Seems everything has turned out alright…for now.”

It seems worth finding a way to export records from postage providers to have on hand should such an incident occur in the future. In fact, the incident is a reminder to back up files on all services and on your own systems as well.

We have an inquiry in to requesting more information about the incident and how many sellers were impacted.

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