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Etsy Sellers, Check Your Invoices

There are several reasons for Etsy sellers to review their invoices carefully – one has to do with the new Pattern store-hosting service Etsy launched in April, the other applies to European sellers and VAT. Another issue related to billing cropped up this week as well – some sellers said their credit cards on file to pay fees were being declined, despite them working fine elsewhere.

Some sellers are furious that Etsy is charging them fees for Pattern stores despite not having signed up for the new service.

When Etsy launched Pattern in April, there was a lot of confusion from sellers who were shown a message they had signed up for a free trial when all they had done was click on a link to learn more.

At the time, Etsy apologized for the confusion and explained on this thread, “due to a bug, if you clicked on this direct link to the billing page when you had not started a Pattern trial, the page showed information that made it look like you had started a free trial and would be billed at the end of the trial period.”

However, on Wednesday Etsy responded to our inquiry with the following statement: “We looked into this post and it is not related to any bug; we also confirmed that if a seller has been charged for Pattern, it is not in error. Pattern fees were only incurred when a seller signed up for a Pattern site and the free trial ended. While some individuals may have forgotten that they signed up, it is a two-step process to do so and all sellers who sign up receive follow-up emails about their trial.” They provided more information about how Pattern fees are applied to seller bills after the 30-day trial period ends, which you can find on the AuctionBytes Blog.

Etsy also reminded sellers in Europe about changes to VAT charged on seller fees. In this announcement (scroll down to June 1st), Etsy said sellers in the European Union who are based outside of Ireland and who have submitted a VAT ID number through their Etsy account settings would begin to see valued-added tax (VAT) charged on any applicable seller services fees for the month of May on their May bill.

Etsy also noted, “We’d also like to let you know that your May 2016 invoice will now be available before the end of June, not on June 1 as previously communicated. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and going forward each invoice will be available on the first of the month, starting with the June 2016 invoice, available on July 1, 2016.”

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