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Seller Says eBay Made a Mature Change to Item Condition

An eBay seller wrote to EcommerceBytes last week to say eBay had made a change in its policy around adult material. For those unaware, eBay has an “Adults Only” category to which you must agree to special Terms in order to access, including stating that you are 18 years or older.

“I know a couple of people who sell adult material on eBay, and they now can only list “new” magazines and DVDs while in the past they could list used,” the reader said.

“They called eBay and were read the rules (the CSR was simply reading and offering no input) that state items have to be new. This is definitely a change in the site that thought you might like to know.”

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I did a search for used Playboy magazine, there were 32,706 listings on regular eBay, conditions included New, Used, and Unspecified.

I signed in to the Adult Only category, and discovered that conditions only include New and Unspecified – not Used. I can’t verify how new the practice of excluding Used goods are, I sent an email to eBay to find out. It’s also unclear if sellers who create a brand new listing now must select new for condition.

Sellers may remember that last year, eBay pulled the shopping cart feature from the Adult category, leading to higher shipping costs for them as well as complications for sellers.

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