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Outcry over New Amazon Return Dissatisfaction Rate

Amazon sellers got an unwelcome surprise this week when they discovered new seller performance metrics in their dashboards. The new “Customer Service Dissatisfaction Rate” is the percentage of customers who are not satisfied with a seller’s responses in Buyer-Seller Messaging.

Amazon also introduced a new “Return Dissatisfaction Rate” metric, which measures customer satisfaction with how their returns are processed. It consists of three individual components:

  • Negative Return Feedback Rate
  • Late Response Rate
  • Invalid Rejection Rate

The “Negative Return Feedback Rate” is the percentage of valid return requests that have negative buyer feedback. For every return request, Amazon asks the buyer if their return was resolved. If they indicate that the return was not resolved, the return request is considered to have a negative feedback.

Sellers are asking under what circumstance would a customer be satisfied when returning an item? “No one is happy when they have to return something,” a seller wrote.

Another said, “I had a return request with reason “Accidental Order”. I authorized the return immediately. Customer is dissatisfied, and that gave me the Red X for this metric.”

Another seller posted a copy of an email they said Amazon sends to customers who request returns:

We see that you recently requested a return for your Marketplace order XXXXXXXXXXXXX: https://www.amazon.com/returns/order/XXXXXXXXXXX

Did the seller resolve your issue?

If yes, please click here:

If no, please click here:

(We’ll share this feedback with the seller to help them improve their service in the future.)

On Saturday, an Amazon moderator posted messages in a thread about the new metrics, telling sellers there were currently no penalties for failing to meet the set targets. “We created the metric to help you monitor satisfaction with customer return requests, and we encourage you to monitor your performance and identify any negative trends.”

And, she said, sellers who felt their Customer Service Dissatisfaction Rate & Return Dissatisfaction Rates were incorrectly calculated should follow the instructions in this post. “All threads regarding this topic have been forwarded to Seller Support leadership for review.”

Sellers are also weighing in on the EcommerceBytes Blog – see what they have to say about the new metrics.

Comment on the EcommerceBytes Blog.

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