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Sellers Say eBay Promo Comes with a Catch

eBay is running a couple of promotions that sellers say are causing some conflicts. The first problem has to do with a promotion offering 500 free listings to US sellers across many categories, described in this Newsflash article. A seller wrote to EcommerceBytes saying there seemed to be a hidden restriction in the terms, but reviewing the promotion description, we didn’t see any catch.

However, another seller wrote to say they had experienced a major problem when trying to take advantage of the free-listing promotion. “I have an eBay Premium Store. My Good Till Cancelled store items that renewed today were taken out of both the New Promotion AND my free 500 GTC listings,” they wrote.

The seller spent almost an hour on the phone with eBay customer service trying to get it fixed. “You might want to alert your readers that this is happening because I know that I can’t be the only person that it has happened to.”

The second problem was reported on the eBay boards: apparently the two separate promotions that appear to be conflicting with each other for those who were invited to participate in both. (The second promotion gives invited sellers up to 500 free listings in the Women’s Clothing category and runs through the end of August.)

A seller explained on the eBay discussion boards, “I got an offer for 500 free listings for Women’s clothing. A few days later I got an offer for 500 free listings for anything (no restrictions). I listed several that were in the Women’s clothing category.” So far so good. But then, the seller continued, “They came out of the OTHER 500 listings.”

The problem only applies for sellers who plan to take advantage of more than 500 free listings offered in the two promos. “If they are going to make such specific categories for freebies, the least they can do is take your count out of the right one,” they said. “Not really a problem for me because I probably won’t use all 500 listings, but it could make a difference to some sellers who have a lot of Women’s clothing. Wake up eBay, pay attention! And if you are listing Women’s clothing and have the other 500, take note if it might affect you. Not sure if a phone call would fix it.”

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