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Set It and Forget It: Etsy Launches Auto Renew Feature

Now that Etsy has revamped its listing infrastructure, it’s able to offer new functionality, and one that sellers appear to be welcoming is auto-renew.

“You’ve told us that manually renewing listings after the four-month listing period ends is time consuming. Soon, we’ll be introducing a new (and totally optional) feature that allows you to set your listings to automatically renew once they expire.”

Listings will always default to manual renewal. Once the feature is available, there will be a few ways sellers can manage their renewal options:

  • When editing an existing listing or adding a new listing.
  • In the renewal overlay when you’ve manually renewed a listing.
  • When you’ve selected multiple listings and clicked “More Actions” in the Listings Manager.

Etsy charges sellers a 20-cent fee for new listings, which remain on the site for 4 months, and it charges them another 20 cents if they choose to renew the listing.

While sellers received the pending feature positively, many noted they were glad to see it would be optional when it rolls out.

A small shop owner said manually renewing listings wasn’t too time consuming, and he used it as an opportunity to evaluate and tweak listings. Others agreed. “Glad it will be optional and will default to manual, wrote one seller. “I like to have more control over my listings so I can tweak them or maybe just decide to not renew at all.”

In response to sellers’ questions, an Etsy moderator explained, “You’ll have the option to turn on Auto-renew for single listings or all at once. You can use the More Actions button in the Listings Manager to turn it on for multiple items. Also, please know that this can be turned off at any time.”

She also explained that when Auto Renew launches, sellers will be able to bulk edit renewal settings. For example, sellers with 11 pages of items in Listings Manager can click the Select all box > More Actions > Manage Renewal Options and, since there are 11 pages, would have to do this 11 times.

In addition, “Any new listings you add in the future can be set to Automatic right before publishing.”

Some sellers said they wished Etsy would allow them to continue using the third-party listing tool BETSI. About Etsy’s new feature, one said it was hand for Etsy to ensure shops paid renewal fees – “Want to make shops happy – keep Betsi around which is a brilliant program and crazy mad good customer support.” Etsy is pulling BETSI from its API effective May 18, 2015.

Many sellers posted notes of thanks for the new auto-renewal feature. “Thank you. This will be such a time saver for items that constantly sell out and need to be renewed, Great option,” said one.

Etsy explained the auto-renew feature would be available in the coming weeks. “You’ll receive an email notification letting you know when you can turn it on,” the company said. See the announcement on the Etsy website.

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