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More Reports about Incorrect eBay Shipping Charges

eBay is failing to collecting shipping charges for some transactions, leaving sellers in the lurch, as we reported Thursday. We still haven’t heard back from eBay, nor has the company issued a report on its Systems Announcement Board.

A reader spent several hours on the phone with eBay Customer Service and forwarded the email eBay sent him (user name & item X’ed out):

Dear xxxx,
This is in regards to your inquiry on item xxxxxxx. After verification with the Technical department, there is an ongoing system issue with the item showing as free shipping.

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Problem: Items with Pay on pick up are not being charged the correct shipping costs during checkout. This includes items listed with a shipping cost giving the buyer free shipping and items listed with free shipping charging the buyer a shipping cost.

After investigating on this problem, this only affects the first shipping method provided to the buyers when you created the listing. When a seller send an invoice to buyers, the first shipping method that was selected (on the right side of the Send Invoice page) gets affected by this technical issue. Although there is a shipping cost, when buyers proceed to the Checkout page, it shows up as free. If the seller provide additional shipping methods from the Send Invoice page, the additional shipping methods don’t get affected. When the buyer proceed to the Checkout page, the additional shipping methods show the shipping costs set by the seller accordingly.

The resolution then, is to set the first shipping method as “Local Pick-up” and set a shipping cost to “$0.00”, then simply add additional shipping methods the seller would like to give to his/her buyer as options and set shipping costs accordingly. If the buyer would select local pick-up, then the seller does not have to worry about the buyer not being charged for shipping.

We do hope this would help you in your transactions. If this issue, has not been resolved, you can also try to cancel the order, or Contact eBay customer service for more information. We also are providing information for buyer regarding this issue. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.
eBay Customer Service

Note, however, it’s uncertain the problem is isolated to listings that offer the “Pay on pick up” option.

Another seller wrote in about a problem with eBay displaying incorrect shipping costs on listings that he’s been experiencing for the past few weeks:

We have been being contacted by buyers over the last two or three weeks (probably 2-3 per day) that the shipping is incorrect. The buyers are stating that the shipping that is being displayed in our Ebay listings is different than what is being calculated when we send the invoice. We are using the eBay generated shipping cost for the exact same method of shipping. The amount being shown with the listing is ALWAYS lower than what is being invoiced. The buyers are asking us to modify the invoice.

He said the difference has been between a few cents and over five dollars. “This seems to be related to FedEx only. We believe that this may be related to FedEx’s new rates and how they are being calculated in eBay. We contacted eBay and customer service says that they have not heard anything about this issue. They validated the issue while on the phone.”

FedEx raised its rates by an average of 4.9% effective January 5, 2015.

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