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Bonanza Sellers Can Finally Export Their Listings

Bonanza added the ability for merchants to export their inventory, a change that will help make it easier for sellers to make offline edits and back up their data. The online marketplace also launched a new simplified fees page to help review fees and check billing, and making it easier to browse through a complete billing history.

In the announcement, Bonanza programmer Eric Salczynski said the ability to export a booth’s entire inventor was the number-one requested feature from its merchants. Sellers can find the new feature in the Batch Editor (“Update items as a group”).

“Using it is super simple,” Salczynski wrote, explaining that sellers can export all of their items or a subset.

  • To choose which items to export, click on the “Update filter” link, set your filter conditions, and click “Apply filter” (if you want to export all of your items, don’t add a filter).
  • Then, click the “Export filtered items” button on the “Print and export” tab. You’ll be able to choose which columns to export (item title, description, category, price, quantity, sku, etc).
  • Finally, click the “Export items” button. “Just like exporting offers, we’ll send you an email when your CSV file is ready to download.”

Bonanza also launched a simplified version of its fees page. “Our goal with this new fees page was to make it easier and quicker for you to find the most important information about your billing history,” Salczynski wrote. “That starts at the top of the page with our slick new summary box. This section is intended to give you an idea of the state of your account at a glance.”

He said Bonanza also made the page more compact. “We removed the “Bill for ::last month::” box and brought the “Past Bills” section (now called “Statements”) up closer to the top of the page.”

Sellers can find their Bonanza statements for the current month by clicking the “View current statement” link.

Sellers discussed the new features on the Bonanza blog announcement.

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