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Amazon Strives for Number One in Diapers, Launching Its Own Brand

Amazon competitors may need the company’s latest product upon learning about it – Amazon is selling its own branded diapers and baby wipes, it announced Thursday. And it’s not stopping there.

It isn’t Amazon’s first foray into private label brands – Amazon has worked with manufacturers to design and source products for years, launching the Strathwood brand in 2004 and the Pinzon brand in 2005, for example.

The Amazon Elements Diapers and Baby Wipes became available on Amazonyesterday – and they are available through Amazon’s auto-replenishment service Subscribe & Save.

Amazon knows a lot about diapers. In addition to selling them on its own Amazon.com marketplace, it acquired Quidsi, parent of diapers.com and soap.com, in 2010. AllThingsD.com published a tale from a book about Amazon that explains just how aggressively the company pursued Quidsi.

Just how much do you want to know about the receptacle for your baby’s waste? Amazon is prepared to tell parents a diaperful. The new Amazon Elements lines gives shoppers an unprecedented level of information: when and where items were made, why each ingredient was included, where the ingredients were sourced and much more.

Health and Beauty are already gated categories for third-party merchants, and those who are allowed to sell such products find it can turn into a minefield.

Amazon explains that it limits the addition of new sellers in the Health & Personal Care category “to ensure that customers are able to buy with confidence from all sellers on Amazon. The requirements for selling in the Health & Personal Care category reflect customer concerns about product quality, product branding, and consumer safety.”

Here’s what Sunny Jain, Amazon.com Consumables Vice President, had to say in the company’s announcement:

“Our obsession with customers and drive to continuously innovate on their behalf has led us to create Amazon Elements. The two things customers told us they want are premium products that meet their high standards, and access to information so they can make informed decisions, Amazon Elements offers both. We’ve leveraged our strengths in technology to bring customers an unprecedented level of information about these products, all with just the click of a button. We’re excited to offer Amazon Prime members added selection, beginning with diapers and baby wipes.”


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