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eBay Posts Are Scrambled in Consolidated Discussion Boards

It may come as a surprise to those visiting the eBay discussion boards that the company has consolidated them into a small number of sections, but not if you caught EcommerceBytes report from last month. We sniffed out news that eBay would be eliminating a great number of the boards, some of them extremely popular such as the Seller Central board and Technical Issues board.

At the time of our report last month, eBay spokesperson Ryan Moore confirmed the changes, telling EcommerceBytes, “With over 100 boards that have originated in the past 10 years, our plan is to consolidate that number over the next few weeks to add a better structure. No content will be deleted, and all content currently on the Community will continue to be available after consolidation.”

Now when you go to the Discussion boards on eBay, you’ll see only four sections:

  • Buying & Selling (6 subsections);
  • eBay Categories (8 subsections);
  • Inside eBay (4 subsections);
  • New to eBay (3 subsections)

It may be difficult to imagine, but eBay has grouped buyer and seller topics into one section, where visitors will then find the following areas:

  • My Account;
  • Bidding & Buying;
  • Selling;
  • Payments;
  • Shipping & Returns;
  • Tools & Apps.

eBay took posts from all of the old sections and placed them altogether in the new sections. So where did eBay put posts that had been included in “Technical Issues”? You can now find them in Buying & Selling under Selling. That explains why there are now 234,483 posts on the Selling board.

Posts older than this year are archived – you can find them if you have bookmarks saved. For example, here is the archive for the board devoted to “Technical Issues.”

There is a way for posters to try to make it easier to clump topics together – a moderator explained in a discussion thread, “If a group of people are very passionate about a subset within a board and want to focus exclusively on that (ex. model train collectors within the Collectibles category), they will be encouraged to tag their posts so they’ll be easier to find, to follow members who share their interests, or even to start a Group for their interests if that’s what they want to do. The options are open.”

The new consolidated structure comes after eBay revamped the discussion boards when it switched hosting providers from Live World to Lithium last year.

Love it or hate it? Easier or more difficult to find what you’re looking for? Leave a comment on this May 25th AuctionBytes Blog post.

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Ina Steiner
Ina Steiner
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