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Online Marketplace Bonanza Launches Improved Item Variations

Bonanza has launched a new version of item variations, calling it one of the most requested improvements.

In the old days of marketplace selling, a seller had to list each item separately in its own product listing. If you had two items identical in every way except for one variation – size, or perhaps color, for example – then you had to create two listings. Then came a feature called “multiple variation,” or “item variation.”

Bonanza has had item variation but only in certain categories. Now the marketplace has launched the ability for sellers to add custom variations. Bonanza explained:

“In a nutshell, sellers can now add custom variations to their items, directly via the new/edit item form. Once you select a category, you will see normal trait options. Type in your variation. If it already exists it will show. If not, click “Enter,” and the variation will be added to this single item. If you have multiple colors/multiple sizes, you can just type in “Many Colors” or “Many Sizes” into the field and click enter, and a new option will show so you can add multiple colors and sizes.”

The variations will then show as options for shoppers viewing the listings.

Bonanza said its importers should recognize incoming variations and quantities as well as various price points on the multiple variations per item. “If you find that to not be the case, please contact our world famous Bonanza Support Team so we can assist.”

See more information on the Bonanza blog.

Update: We’ve updated the above URL to reflect the most recent blog post describing the new feature.

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