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eBay Runs Special Promotion to Encourage Automatic Relisting

eBay is running an unusual promotion in which sellers can automatically relist items up to three times and pay no extra insertion fees. However, the promotion is by invitation, so only those sellers who are invited by eBay via email or their My Messages can participate.

The promotion kicked off on November 14 and runs through December 31, 2013. During the promotion period, sellers pay no insertion fee on items relisted through the auto-relist feature, up to three times. If the item does not sell during the selected listing duration, it will be automatically relisted three times, or until the item sells, whichever comes first.

If an item was listed with auto-relist feature and it automatically relists after the promotion period, the promotional rates will still apply on the relists.

It appears from seller comments that eBay did not send a notification to sellers when the promotion took effect, some sellers stumbled upon it when a message popped up when they were listing, leading other sellers on discussion boards to wonder why they were not seeing the special messaging. “I just listed a few things. Some were new, some were relists. I was NOT presented with this “choice” at all to sign up for any auto relist for free or any auction or BIN listing. Perhaps it is just for some and not others? Sort of like I didn’t get the “invite”?”

Sellers who were discussing the promotion on the eBay board had a number of other comments, some positive and some not-so-glowing:

“Sounds like they are pretty desperate to keep their listing numbers up.”

“I am begining to wonder if Ebay is having problems, they have been having SO many free listing offer and now three free relists ! ! ! Maybe they need to fix the search program so people can find what they Really search for!”

“I like this – and I don’t care why either – if it makes it easier for small sellers like me to list and not pay insertion fees, I’m thrilled. And I’m perfectly happy to give them their fvf. I still would like to open a store for a number of reasons but this makes it easier to hold on until it’s economically feasible and profitable.”

“Good to know that it ends Dec 31st ~ I’ve got it on just about all my items! At least I know that there’s a time frame! Makes me want to make sure I get up some stuff that may require hanging around a while waiting on the right buyer!”

However, one seller had a word of advice for sellers tempted to participate in the promotion:

“OK, you check the relist automatically option. You get 3 relists for free. If the item still hasn’t sold, the automatic relist button is still checked, so if you don’t remember to uncheck it, it will continue to be relisted and you will be charged for it each time. I may be wrong – but that is the reason I didn’t check the box. This is also why I don’t use extra freebies – like the subtitle option – because it’s free once, but if you forget to change it the next time, you’ll be charged. It depends on how on top of it you are.”

Sellers can cancel the auto-relist feature anytime by manually removing the check box in the listing flow tool. Sellers can list up to 1 million listings under the terms.

The promotion is activated with the seller’s qualifying eBay User ID and is not transferable. Sellers invited to participate will receive the promotional rate when they check the box for the auto-relist feature while listing an item through the Sell Your Item form in both Advanced and Quick Listing Tool.

Sellers should note the following: “if you assign automation rules in Selling Manager to relist this item, those rules will take precedence and you’ll be charged all applicable selling fees (including optional feature fees) for each relist.”

Only sellers whose accounts meet eBay’s minimum seller performance standards are eligible. All existing selling limits as well as category and item limits apply and may prevent sellers from creating the maximum number of listings.

All other fees apply, see eBay website for details and restrictions.

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