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"Milwaukee Peacock" - This is an "exclusive" pattern: The Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific bought the right to exclusive use of this pattern from Syracuse China, which agreed to sell it to no other customers. An important note is that the rights they bought included the bird with this blue scallop edge design only! For it to be authentic railroad china, a piece MUST include both the blue scallops and the peacock. Another important note is that "exclusive" patterns usually never carry railroad markings.

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The little depot in the photo is Silvernails, New York - a "family heirloom" since an ancestor named Egbert Silvernail fought and won against the Central New England Railroad, demanding a post office be included with their proposed station and rail line across his fields north of Pine Plains. As for me, I have been in the railroadiana world for about 30 years. Because I enjoy the treasure hunt so much, and especially uniting collectors with sought-after items, I buy/sell rather than "collect." We belong to Key, Lock & Lantern, The Railroad Collectors Association Inc. (RCAI), the Rutland Railroad Historical Society and the New York Central Historical Society.

Under my business name Time's Treasures LLC, I have been a shop owner selling on Ruby Lane since 2000, and recently opened a store on Etsy. I also rent space in a terrific antique group shop in Eagle Bridge, New York. The Railroadiana world has given us wonderful experiences making new friends and learning about transportation history in the USA.

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