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Multiple Signature Books

One of our own favorite collectibles are books signed by multiple authors or more than one person associated, somehow, with the book. A good example of this (though not particularly collectible and no, please don’t offer us any, lol) is high school yearbooks. These are often signed by multiple people pictured inside, usually near their photo.

This occurs in other publications as well. Anthologies or collections of works (art, for example) are sometimes found signed by multiple contributors. Anthology signatures can be found on their submission page, where they are listed on the contents page, or anywhere else on the first few pages of the book. So it’s sometimes difficult to notice these signatures as they can be hidden deep inside.

The same with multi-biographical books – Who’s Who types for example or corporate biographies or the before-mentioned yearbooks (not just school books, but military as well). Pictured below is a 1940 book about the Lahey Clinic (Massachusetts) signed by a dozen physicians. SOLD in 2012 for $110. We felt the price low, but the buyer probably thought it high. So we’re even! Hah!

Sometimes you can find books that were created by multiple people and signed by several. For example, comic books might be signed by the writer, the editor, the artist, the inker and maybe even a superhero or two (only kidding!). Publisher/editor/writer/artist or any combinations of them can occasionally, okay rarely, be found to sign limited edition books.

Likewise, sometimes books can be signed by multiple people who only have a familiar connection to the book. For example, we are currently offering a book about the Soviet/American space programs (Soyuz & Apollo) and signed by multiple cosmonauts and Russian scientists as well as an astronaut or two (We think. We’re having some trouble translating the autographs).

One of our favorite possessions (shown below) is a book signed by Doonesbury comic creator Garry Trudeau, the author; Bill Coffin and Scotty McLennan who, along with the author, were the inspirations for Doonesbury’s Reverend Scot Sloan character.

Also shown is a baseball book signed by four players from the Negro Leagues.


Author signed books have long been a solid investment and enjoyable to seek out. A book signed by its author can easily double its value – even when the author is an unknown (and much more than that when the author has a recognizable name). Obtaining multiple signatures in a book requires scheduling, planning and some hustle and that work is more than reflected in the value added.

We are currently offering a several signed books on eBay. You can see them here: http://stores.ebay.com/iart

Disclaimer: Guides are submitted by readers and the views expressed belong solely to the author.

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