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USPS Reports Strong Holiday Performance, Credits ‘Delivering for America’ Plan

USPS Reports Strong Holiday Performance, Credits 'Delivering for America' Plan

The USPS said it saw strong performance between October 1 through December 23rd according to its preliminary data. “The Postal Service’s preparedness for the holiday season reflected strategic investments and operational precision improvements made as part of the Delivering for America plan over the past two years,” the Postal Service said in an end-of-year press release on Friday.

It did note, however, the negative impact of winter storms, saying delivery was impacted in some local markets “due to industry-wide transportation disruptions caused by winter storms across the Midwest and the East Coast in late December.” The Postal Service continues to restore service in those markets, it said.

The press release re-stated the actions it had taken to prepare for the peak holiday season:

“In November, the organization completed the installation of 137 new package sorting machines across its network which expanded daily package processing capacity to 60 million. USPS installed a total of 249 new processing machines since the launch of the Delivering for America plan in March 2021, part of a $40 billion investment in the postal network.

“Additionally, USPS stabilized its permanent workforce by converting more than 100,000 workers to full time roles since the beginning of 2021(with more than 41,000 part time workers converted to full time since January 2022), and successfully hiring an additional 20,000 seasonal employees.”

The USPS will report final holiday service performance numbers in mid-January. Readers should note Monday is a postal holiday with virtually no pickup or delivery in observance of New Year’s Day.

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5 thoughts on “USPS Reports Strong Holiday Performance, Credits ‘Delivering for America’ Plan”

  1. i got 5 misdeliveries in my mailbox on Thurs and Fri this week, alone.

    NOTE: those count as on-time deliveries using USPS modus

  2. so, 100% of people i speak with are so disappointed with the Post Office in recent memory…i guess according to the USPS gaslighting ( i mean, uh, statistics) we are all wrong….


  3. The postal service in my neighborhood was the absolute WORST I have ever seen. They were short of employees with some walking off of the job midday, others out on disability due to repetitive stress injuries (including my regular carrier) and the inability to hire enough new staff. I scheduled pickups six days a week and was lucky to have one or two picked up each week. Some days my entire neighborhood didn’t receive mail deliveries either. I had many conversations with carriers and they are working long, long hours and being overworked. They even have to work today, a postal holiday. Why? Several told me it was because of Amazon. Apparently they have to give Amazon packages priority over delivering the regular mail. I was told one of the reasons they don’t pick up packages is that there is no room on the truck due to so many Amazon packages. How Amazon became a priority over regular mail service is something I am trying to track down. I have written to the USPS many, many times and get form letters back. I wrote to the federal government and got a form letter back. Frustrated, to say the least. Prices keep going up but service keeps going down.

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