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Are Sellers Getting the Support Etsy Promised When It Raised Fees?

Are Sellers Getting the Support Etsy Promised When It Raised Fees?

Two weeks ago, Etsy announced it was providing 24/7 live chat support for sellers as long as they had at least one sale and no policy violations. But some sellers reported in the week that followed that they didn’t have access to live chat despite meeting the eligibility criteria.

In a more recent thread, a seller referred to an announcement from July and said, “I am a star seller this month, but the promised chat function has not appeared on my dashboard. I’m not sure if this is a glitch and I should have it, or if Etsy has since changed their mind about providing it.” In responding to the seller on August 31st, an Etsy moderator said offering live chat to Star Sellers in their dashboards was just a test.

The issue is important for sellers to resolve problems and get answers to questions when they arise.

Etsy used investments in customer service to justify its April fee increase. Etsy CEO Josh Silverman said in February that the higher fees would allow it to improve support: “We’ll grow our support team by more than 20% this year so you can get help more quickly and easily, including faster email responses, expanded access to live chat, and prioritization of your most urgent requests.”

(He said it would also help Etsy bring in more buyers by investing in marketing and would help keep Etsy unique with expanded efforts to remove listings that violate its policies.)

Some sellers were concerned that Etsy said it would not provide live chat support (and other features) to sellers who had policy violations. Etsy expert Cindy Lou of CindyLouWho2.com said Etsy should provide a better explanation of what a policy violation is, how long they count against sellers, and other information. “With how buggy Etsy is all the time, it’s easy to imagine the algorithms thinking a shop had violations when they really didn’t, but we have no way to know this and therefore no way to correct this.”

The August 23rd announcement said live chat was just one area Etsy was working to improve. It said it was listening to the community and linked to a survey that asked sellers how valuable the live-chat update was and asked sellers to leave comments with their feedback.

The survey also asked sellers which areas were most important for Etsy to invest in and let them select up to three items from the following selection:

  • Providing access to chat in more places on Etsy.com (such Shop Manager or Etsy.com homepage)
  • Providing additional support channels (text support, WhatsApp support, social support)
  • Expanding phone to 24/7
  • More opportunities to give us feedback
  • Shorter wait times
  • More education on seller tools
  • Other

Feel free to leave comments about whether you’ve seen improvements in Etsy customer support, including whether you have access to live chat (and where), and what you’d like to see Etsy invest in to make your shop more successful.

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Ina Steiner
Ina Steiner
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4 thoughts on “Are Sellers Getting the Support Etsy Promised When It Raised Fees?”

  1. I have been a Star Seller for over 6 months. Etsy deactivated 2 of my items stating they were not handmade. I make vinyl decals, and all my items are handmade to order. I repeatedly tried to speak with someone at Etsy who could take a look at the issue. This happened back in the first week of July. I repeatedly contacted support and they kept passing me off to nowhere land. Nobody had the authority to look into the matter or do anything about it. Emailing Etsy Legal, no response. Reaching out on social media- just another show to make it seem like they will help. It’s ridiculous. You can’t reach anyone who has the ability to do anything at all other than snow you into thinking they actually care and are passing you along to someone who can help. It’s the old card shuffle game. I’ve sold on Etsy for 9 years. The Etsy of today is disgraceful.

  2. Better support? What a joke! I have been dealing with issues regarding the validating bank accounts through Plaid for about a month. First, it took over a week to just get my old account unlinked so I could add my new account. Then it was impossible to verify my account manually through Plaid so I was forced to use my banking log in. Once the account was verified, I changed my log in information at my bank. Glad I did that because exactly 1 month later, Etsy wants me to reverify the account through Plaid which I cannot do because the link on the Etsy dashboard does not work. Last I heard from support was 6 days ago even through I email them about this every day!

    In regards to the banking verification issue – I have filed a complaints with local, state and Federal authorities.

    There is no such thing as support from Etsy. Good luck if you have a problem.

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