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Don Heiden
Don Heiden is a 30-year veteran of online reselling going back to the days of Yahoo Auctions. He runs The Auction Professor YouTube channel posting videos and content about various reselling platforms and topics, and he is a member of the eBay, Amazon, Hip, and other affiliate programs where he may earn a commission when linking to products on those sites. He can also be found on most social networks under the same name, including Instagram. He is also a published professional artist which includes works produced for The Walt Disney Company. He holds an Associate Degree in Database Design, Construction, and Network Administration. He also holds a Bachelor Degree and Master Degree of Research & Communications from The University of Toledo.

4 thoughts on “eBay Automation Helps Avoid Postage Rate-Hike Headaches”

  1. I do not use any optional automation, as the automation that is forced on me is bad enough. What it’s “supposed” to do is not always what I want it to do. Much worse yet is that what it is “supposed” to do is not always what it actually does. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard stories of eBay’s shipping calculation giving free shipping to a buyer when it was supposedly not set up that way.

  2. I use a few automation but have to be careful using calculated shipping, I combine shipping which works good but when it comes to shipping, ebay doesn’t adjust the shipping weight. So if you sell 4 items, set shipping at 4 oz, when ebay totals them up it, it show 16 oz or 1st class to priority class but weigh only 4 ounces.

  3. Ebay automation used to fail as much as it worked, especially the code that was supposed to auto-relist or not. But more recently they must have reworked that functionality because it has worked perfectly for me. I use automation to auto-relist auctions (until I don’t want to anymore) and also to send offers to watchers. Both have worked perfectly for at least three months. And I am pleasantly rewarded with extra sales from the special offers that I set up months ago. I don’t use automation for shipping costs.

  4. I have “combined shipping” turned on for eBay but still get shoppers buying multiple individual items, then messaging and asking if I can combine shipping. I think it’s that they don’t realize that putting the items in their cart and then checking out would combine the shipping?

    On Etsy I use shipping profiles, which isn’t quite the same but it helps! When USPS changes rates, I only have to adjust a few profiles, which isn’t hard to do.

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