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Etsy Free-Listing Promo Code Spreads Like Wildfire

Etsy Free-Listing Promo Code Spreads Like Wildfire

Etsy sellers are sharing a code that allows them to add 100 free listings to each of their shops, and the code (100newforetsy) appears to work for every seller who tries it, whether or not they received a direct invitation.

The original source of the promotion code appears to have been an invitation from Etsy to take a survey that it sent to a subset of sellers or prospective sellers. One recipient shared the text of the invitation they received, which came with the free-listing code, in a thread on Reddit.

Although the original poster didn’t share the code, a subsequent commentor did – and word quickly spread.

We had linked to the thread about the survey, and a reader alerted us to the fact the associated free-listing code worked for any seller: “You mentioned free Etsy listings in your latest blog. Etsy has a new promo for 100 free listings. All any store owner has to do is go to etsy.com/promotions and enter 100newforetsy and 100 free listing will be added to their store.”

It appears from the verbiage on Etsy.com/promotions that Etsy was expecting users who were new to the site to find the page, but the page does not link to any terms and conditions and does not describe any limitations about which sellers can use the code.

“It usually costs $0.20 to list an item on Etsy for four months. We’re offering you listing credits to cover some of those costs,” the page states.

Sellers should be aware however that the listings they create for free will come with renewal fees:

“Once your credits run out, you’ll pay just $0.20 per listing.”

We saw the code shared in posts on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube. It’s an interesting social experiment – would word have spread so quickly if it hadn’t seemed like a secret? It certainly helped that Etsy is not known for running free-listing promotions.

Will Etsy staff be surprised when they return to the office on Tuesday after the long holiday weekend to see how many free listings they gave away? And if so, will it be a pleasant or unpleasant surprise?

For current sellers, unless Etsy can boost demand, the free listings – while appreciated – may mean greater competition.

As for new sellers, will they be aware of the Offsite Ad program that could result in them paying commission fees far greater than the advertised 6.5% if they don’t opt out of the program?

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Ina Steiner
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9 thoughts on “Etsy Free-Listing Promo Code Spreads Like Wildfire”

  1. Reading over this had me thinking out of all the platforms I sell on, Etsy is the only one charging a listing fee.

    As of this morning, the code is still working. Having 100 free listings durning the slowest part of the year is a bit of a perk up.

    1. Not true…Etsy has always had the “Craft Supply” category.

      Some of Etsy’s best sellers come from the “Craft Supply” category where low priced items are sold in volume. The jewelry findings, beads, gemstones..etc…, shops that have hundreds of products to sell would benefit from free listings.

      Etsy’s “Craft Supply” category has been with Etsy from the beginning.

      1. Hi Stoned,
        Yes, I meant Mass Produced Finished items Posing as one person studio handmade in America.
        Fake, Phoney, Fraudulent.

  2. Etsy should be THRILLED when they see how many new listings they received over the promo!

    1. I agree! I’ve never understood why Etsy charges a listing fee. If Etsy were to unload the upfront listing charge, sellers may list more products. More potential sales would mean more dollars for both Seller and Etsy.

  3. Etsy knows. If you were able to sign up, any unused listings have disappeared. Supposedly they have sent out new links to those who they were originally intended for.

  4. Q: So what happens when people are in Covid lockdown for over 2 years?
    A: They get out of the house.

    As an artisan jeweler, I’ve noticed that good performing jewelers are ignoring their shops this summer and are not listing new items. I have no doubt that Etsys’ revenue is beginning to suffer, not only because of inflation fears, but also because sellers are humans too, and need a life!

    This summer is the first time I’ve been to an outdoor restaurant in over two years. I’m enjoying chicken fajitas with margaritas far more than sitting in my jewelers studio.

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