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PRC Gives Greenlight to July Postage Rate Changes

PRC Gives Greenlight to July Postage Rate Changes

The USPS got approval for its proposed changes to competitive products going into effect in July. The Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) approved the changes on Wednesday.

The PRC had already approved the changes the USPS had requested for market dominant rates, which will rise 6.5% and includes an increase in the cost of a stamp to 60 cents. As we reported on May 6th, the changes to competitive products were not as impactful as those to market dominant products.

The rate changes take effect on July 10th, and going forward, the USPS will raise rates each January and July.

In a June 9th release announcing PRC approval for the July 10, 2022 changes to both competitive and market dominant rates, the USPS stated: “As inflation and increased operating expenses continue, these price adjustments will help with the implementation of the Delivering for America plan, including a $40 billion investment in core Postal Service infrastructure over the next ten years.”

However, the PRC is still reviewing its 2020 ruling that gave the USPS authority to accelerate the pace of rate increases for market-dominant rates, given this year’s passage of postal reform that eases the Postal Service’s financial burden. You can read more about that development in this May 30th Newsflash article.

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4 thoughts on “PRC Gives Greenlight to July Postage Rate Changes”

  1. They’re never going to stop raising prices, but could they at least start paying out claims when they completely crush my insured packages?! I’ve started insuring almost nothing, because I feel it’s a complete fraud. Denials are nothing new, but now I can’t even speak to anyone, and am limited to 250 characters for an appeal!

  2. THIS HAS TO STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What idiots are running this PRC and how do we get them fired. I’ve lost international sales, selling large packages and then my fishing rods. Even my small items have been priced off the market plus they just got a huge bail out and change in retirement plan, they don’t need another rate increase. I can’t hang on much longer and NO ONE cares about small sellers anymore.

  3. This is outrageous.! Postal rate hikes are out of control. They do not care about the consumer or small business what so ever. Twice+ per year HUGE rate hikes. These are not small rate hikes. The increases are way to much each time. They want us to pay for their mismanagement, pensions, insurance and total waste. My USPS is so incompetent they sometimes come here three times in one day. I get other peoples mail, and they get mine. My nasty carrier refuses to pick up my packages in the winter, and we own two snowplows and keep the driveway clear, especially keeping in mind the packages needing to be picked up daily. On the other hand, my supplier ships to me fed ex. When a my old driver of many years left fed ex, and a new driver was assigned, she was refusing to bring the large heavy boxes into the building. I told my supplier about the problem, he dialed up fed ex and since his account is so large, they assign a totally different driver for my deliveries now. The problem was solved very quickly. Apparently Fed ex cares about their big accounts, meanwhile the USPS could care less about my businees and my packages, as I only give them aprox 60k per year for shipping. Before this country was being destroyed by a fraud president, I was planning on retiring. Even though I am totally disabled, I will now be forced to continue with the abuse from Ebay, and making less money because of the HUGE expense increases. The consumers will be shopping more local instead of mail order. My sales are steadily decreasing due to the consumer has way less money now due to Biden inflation price hikes on everything. People can not afford the necessities let alone a shopping spree online. Shipping in some cases is starting to cost more than the item. What the USPS fails to mention is that your shipping costs are also paying for the USPS to spy on American citizens via the US government large spying operation put into place by the bogus biden administration.

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