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eBay Welcomes NFT Digital Assets through Exclusive Collaboration


eBay is allowing the sale of NFTs on its marketplace through an exclusive collaboration with OneOf. A reminder for readers that NFT is short for Non-Fungible Token, a unique digital asset backed by the blockchain (aka, digital ledger) technology that undergirds cryptocurrencies, see more in this EcommerceBytes Collectors Corner column from last year.

eBay restricts the sale of digital downloads on its marketplace, and it paved the way for NFTs last year. Today, eBay announced a company called OneOf will launch the “Genesis” NFT Collection featuring 3D and animated interpretations of Sports Illustrated covers from iconic athletes. OneOf had entered into a deal with Sports Illustrated to make NFTs of its iconic covers as reported by the publisher in February. The first collection on eBay will feature Canadian hockey legend, Wayne Gretzky, and each NFT will contain a 3D rendering or animation of Gretzky making a signature move on the ice. The collection will be available at eBay.com/oneofgretzkynft, and additional athletes will be featured in additional drops throughout 2022.

In Monday’s announcement, eBay Vice President of Collectibles, Electronics and Home Dawn Block said, “NFTs and blockchain technology are revolutionizing the collectibles space, and are increasingly viewed as a massive opportunity for enthusiasts. Through our partnership with OneOf, eBay is now making coveted NFTs more accessible to a new generation of collectors everywhere. This builds upon our commitment to deliver high passion, high value items to the eBay community of buyers and sellers.”

eBay also said in Monday’s press release, “The surge in the collectibles market has fueled this first-ever collaboration between eBay and an NFT seller. As a global commerce leader, eBay has connected its 147 million buyers and its 17 million sellers all over the world, bringing incredible inventory to enthusiasts and fostering new economic opportunities through community building. Its collaboration with OneOf is driven by the collective goal of maintaining an open marketplace and making high value collectibles more accessible.”

OneOf released the following YouTube video introducing itself 8 months ago.

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5 thoughts on “eBay Welcomes NFT Digital Assets through Exclusive Collaboration”

  1. Years ago on eBay, you would occasionally find some weirdos offering ridiculous things such as “fart captured in a jar” or the seller’s soul, etc. How times have changed.

    So bravo, eBay. You have legitimized the contemporary Fart in a Jar.

  2. Like Crypto if you can’t touch it, feel it, it doesn’t exist. NFT is a bunch of crap. I give it 1 year.

  3. IMO, having over 40 years’ programming experience, this is perhaps the most that eBay has ever set up their system to allow scams en-masse.

    I suspect there will be a lot of disappointed buyers, especially those who don’t know what “NFT” means or represents, and there will be an equal number of NFT sellers of dubious honesty.

    I think eBay’s jump into this may bring them a lot of grief and several legal actions against them, but then, I’m not an MBA, nor do I play one on TV.

    Just a hunch.

  4. What a waste of energy, resources and time on the part of ebay. They are literally chasing the latest shiny object. NFTs are for people who missed the beanie baby fad, and really don’t have a clue about investments

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