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eBay Announces Fee Hike to Take Effect in 3 Weeks

eBay Announces Fee Hike to Take Effect in 3 Weeks

Not content with the baked-in fee increases it gets every time the cost of shipping rises, eBay is also raising Final Value Fees in most categories, giving sellers less than 3 weeks’ notice.

It’s important to note that eBay’s “Final Value Fees” include both payment processing fees and commissions in one; and that the fees are on the total transaction amount – including shipping and the sales tax buyers owe.

The fee hike was announced on Wednesday as part of the 2022 Winter Seller Update along with other changes coming to the site.

In other fee-related news, sellers will also pay more if they fall below “standard” performance – the penalty fee is rising from 5% to 6% for Below Standard sellers:

“In our continuing effort to mitigate behavior that does not support good buyer experiences and negatively impacts sellers on our platform, we will increase additional final value fees for sellers who do not meet minimum seller performance standards for the US. Starting March 1, 2022, we will increase additional final value fees from 5% to 6% for Below Standard sellers. This fee does not apply to Above Standard and eBay Top Rated Sellers. You can check your current seller level on your Seller Dashboard.”

There was some good news for sellers on the Fees front, however:

“To better support your business, we’re prorating final value fee credits for partial refunds that you provide to the buyer. In addition, when you approve a buyer’s cancellation request, the entire final value fee, including the $0.30 per-order fee, will be refunded to you.”

Here’s a link to the Announcement board post where you can find all of the changes coming to the eBay marketplace.

And here’s a link to the forums where eBay will have a team answering questions until 7 pm Eastern.

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Ina Steiner
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7 thoughts on “eBay Announces Fee Hike to Take Effect in 3 Weeks”

  1. > And here’s a link to the forums where eBay will have
    > a team answering questions until 7 pm Eastern.

    If there’s a team there, they haven’t shown themselves yet. We’re over three hours into the supposed Q&A session and there has been a grand total of two replies from the “team” so far. It’s looking more like a typical complaint session from users, with no actual back-and-forth dialogue. (Yes, I’m a veteran of many Seller Update experiences and was not really expecting anything more.)

    1. Why even announce a team answering questions if they’re not going to do it? I had a feeling there would be no one there also. The biggest bunch of useless cowards I have ever seen, worse than useless, they actively cause harm to sellers. And every time there’s a change in leadership they say, “now things are going to be good for sellers!”

      1. It`s not the team`s fault !
        They have to translate all the questions coming in:
        1 to look at questions (well half ass anyway)
        1 to translate (well half ass anyway)
        1 to figure out what that means (well half ass anyway)
        1 to figure out the LIE to tell (well half ass anyway)
        1 to translate back to English (well half ass anyway)
        1 to go over to walkers
        E~Bays Steller team

  2. Don’t miss the page that the policy of charging Final Fees on Item+Shipping+Sales Tax is also going to be applied to Simple Promoted Listings now as well…

  3. A much fairer way to handle this would be to set the FVF to what you really need to charge to make your profit goals. We all know that you have to show revenue and profit growth every quarter to satisfy your stockholders and Wall Street. Since you are our storefront, you should promote all sellers the same and not cause us to compete against each other by promoting our listings to steal a sale from another one of your sellers. The price we sell an item for and the income eBay makes from that sale should be easily calculated from the selling price. It should have nothing to do with the taxes in the state where it is being shipped, the shipping cost,  promotion, and a silly $.30 for each item.  All of these strange fees based on all of these variables even make it difficult to determine if you want to accept a best offer. We recently shipped an antique to GA from CT and it was very heavy. Shipping and professional packing at UPS cost $450 – why should you be making money off of that charge – it does not make sense on any level. Please set the FVF fee to where it needs to be for eBay’s revenue goals so we can see when we list an item what we are paying for your service. As far as I am concerned you have zero transparency with your fee schemes

  4. Look at that: another check-mark in the box that says ‘reasons I am Glad I am leaving ebay!’
    After 20+ years, I am watching my 600+ listings expire, saving all of the information for each and every listing, for future use (if any) and feeling somewhat relieved as I then Delete them!
    I just took some of my ‘treasures’ to a yard sale, set up a very nice display, and was able to sell my things in the Real World, with No listing fees, No Final Value fees, no tax…and I could actually Talk to the buyers and Share the Stories about my time in the biz, and how I got all of my Stuff to sell! I enjoyed that as I have Not enjoyed ebay in Years!!
    397 listings until FREEDOM!

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