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Etsy Lets Sellers Add Alt Text Descriptions to Images

Etsy Lets Sellers Add Alt Text Descriptions to Images

Etsy announced a new feature to help with accessibility for shoppers that could also help sellers with exposure in outside search-engines.

Etsy will allow sellers to add a description to images that isn’t visible to the normal shopper. Alt Text, as it’s called, provides information about a graphic to blind and low-vision shoppers who use “screen readers.”

Etsy will continue to use a listing’s title to act as alt text for images for sellers who don’t add alt text to their listings.

While Alt Text can help with search engine optimization (SEO), Etsy advised sellers not to keyword-stuff the field – “make sure it’s something that would make sense to a blind or low-vision person who’s hearing it read aloud,” it recommended, adding two examples of Alt Text sellers could use for a listing of a chair – the first as a “do,” the second as a “do not”:

“For example, you want to strive for this: “Elegant wooden chair with tall back, upholstered in a white and teal fishbone pattern. Legs taper at the base. Arm rests wing out to the sides.”

“Versus this: “Mid century modern chair mcm 1950 1960 1970 danish swedish design modern design mid century design Hans Wegner Frits Henningsen Børge Mogensen.””

Sellers will be limited to 250 characters – “Keep it short but impactful,” Etsy advised.

You can find instructions on how to Alt Text to listing images in Shop Manager on the Etsy Announcement board.

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Ina Steiner
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3 thoughts on “Etsy Lets Sellers Add Alt Text Descriptions to Images”

  1. “Etsy will allow sellers to…..”
    Truly a Communist concept.
    Etsy makes nothing, ships nothing, and takes credit.
    Time to kick Etsy’s butt and go make your own website.
    Search engine optimization is Google’s forte’.
    Get started. Now is the perfect time.
    Timing is everything.

  2. ALSO :
    ALT Text descriptions are REQUIRED by Google.
    So, it isn’t anything Etsy invented.
    That’s why you’re better off with YOUR OWN WEBSITE.
    Bring Full Attention to YOUR site.
    Not Etsy.

  3. Etsy always seems to roll out new changes during the holiday season. Like “Here you go, more busy work for you.” No thanks.

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