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eBay Loses Top Executive in Charge of International

eBay Loses Top Executive in Charge of International

On September 7, 2021, Jae Hyun Lee, Senior Vice President, International of eBay Inc. agreed to step down from his role effective immediately. Lee will continue in a supporting function to aid transition until September 30, 2021.

Lee joined eBay in 2002 and “pioneered online cross-border exports from China-based sellers to eBay’s global consumer base,” according to his bio on eBay.com. “This has evolved into a significant channel for entrepreneurs and businesses across Asia.”

He most recently was responsible for leading eBay’s core Marketplaces’ international business outside the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

In 2020, Lee received $6.7 million in total compensation from eBay, down from $8.5 million in 2019.

According to eBay’s April 2021 proxy statement for 2020, Lee was eligible for a $2.5 million payout for a voluntary termination; a $22.4 million payout for an involuntary termination outside of a change in control; and nearly $30 million for involuntary termination in connection with a change in control.

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3 thoughts on “eBay Loses Top Executive in Charge of International”

  1. “Jae Hyun Lee, Senior Vice President, International of eBay Inc. agreed to step down from his role effective immediately.”

    in non fleecebay speak…..he got fired.

    just another wasted salary

  2. So now we have another useless executive leaving the company and getting a huge Golden Parachute at the expense of the shareholders as well as the Sellers who always wind up paying for them, one way or another. It is really starting to look like Ebay knows something major is going to be happening very soon and want to make sure they take care of all of the goons who have helped them successfully steal from their customers all these years.

    If I were an investor in this pathetically run business I would sure like to know why they appear to be paying off all of these executives silence in the future. I still cannot understand why the CA AG as well as the DOJ have not come in and cleaned house and started putting these thieves in prison where they ALL belong. I guess the prosecution of those who harassed the Steiners was only done for window dressing in hopes that this would satisfy all the people calling for Ebay to be shut down and investigated thoroughly for all the RICO violations they seem to continue to have no fear of.

  3. “agreed to step down”

    YUP – as said above .. they NICELY fired him.

    I guess collections and payments to eBay brass wasnt enough and when the Godfather tells you to step up collections OR ELSE and you dont ….. you end up in the trunk of an old car by the water…. guess hes lucky he got a graceful exit!

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