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Etsy to Market a Labor Day Sale – Powered by Sellers, of Course

Etsy to Market a Labor Day Sale Powered by Sellers

Etsy invited sellers to participate in its Labor Day sale, but of course, it’s sellers who are marking down prices on their items, not the marketplace.

In order to participate, sellers must first be prepared to discount prices by 20% – and they must be willing to ship internationally, though sellers will be able to opt in to target domestic shoppers.

“Etsy’s global Labor Day sale is an amazing opportunity for you to connect with shoppers looking to support small business owners,” Etsy said.

It will promote the event, presumably through email and other marketing initiatives (details were not provided) – here are requirements for participating in the Etsy Labor Day sale:

  • Schedule a 20% off sale to run from August 30-September 7.
  • Ship worldwide to reach the most shoppers.
  • When scheduling your sale, you have the option to target it to buyers in your country.

Sellers discussed the performance of last year’s Labor Day sale on this thread on the Etsy discussion board threads last year.

You can learn more about this year’s promotion on the Etsy Announcement board.

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Ina Steiner
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3 thoughts on “Etsy to Market a Labor Day Sale – Powered by Sellers, of Course”

  1. Let us now know them as Merchants.
    Etsy has taken on a Bossy, Know – it – all attitude.
    Etsy is now peddling junk. Over priced junk.
    I won’t be caught dead on there now.
    Getting a nice level of respect from My Clients on my site.
    The grape vine flourishes.
    Etsy is now the child in the basement.

  2. So so sick and tired of Etsy’s manipulation tactics. For the site that says “you can run your business here” they surely are trying to take control of what we do.

    We are so barraged with the sale concept that it has truly lost all meaning. No excitement. Too much work to create & manage. Too confusing for the customer who shops 2 days AFTER the sale. Endless tech work for the sellers. On and on.

    Good products and good reasonable prices will always sell. Want to make something super exciting? Feature it in an ad (like our Classified Ads here) and watch the attraction happen.

    Sorry Etsy – no games for me.

  3. I think if you read between the lines, they’re offering no splitting of the 20%+ discount, AND requiring international shipping on a national holiday sale. If something is out of place, that’s the thing they’re trying to hide. When they submit our sales tax to the states, they get two bumps. One is the rounding error that they get to keep, and two is the allowance for collecting the money for the state. It’s usually a few percent. That would go to our piggybank normally. Now it goes to theirs. I’m sure there is a similar profit to be had from collecting VAT.

    We’re tasked with doing the set-up for their international profit and potentially giving away our profit (20% discount) all for a chance at exposure. That’s a pretty expensive lottery ticket.

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