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eBay Head of Seller Experience Returns to Wall Street

eBay Head of Seller Experience Returns to Wall Street

A New York financial-services executive hired by former eBay CEO Devin Wenig to be in charge of “seller experience” left the marketplace firm this summer and landed back at his former employer. The company, DriveWealth, announced Tuesday it had rehired Harry Temkin as its Chief Information Officer.

Prior to joining eBay, Temkin had spent his career building analytics and trading systems for the likes of Steve Cohen and George Soros, he said in an interview with an eBay sales and social media consultant. He helped build very sophisticated tools that enabled clients to make very quick informed decisions about trading, he said in the 2018 interview, and called eBay just another marketplace where he intended to build “very, very powerful analytics” for eBay sellers.

Two years later in a February 2021 podcast, he boasted of a new technology backend he had built for eBay and spoke of a “packed roadmap,” indicating more changes ahead.

The reason behind Temkin’s departure from eBay is unknown, but it’s a different company from the one Temkin joined in 2018, with a new CEO at the helm of a much smaller organization after the sell-off of units including StubHub and eBay Classifieds and the pending sale of its Korean business.

Temkin said in this week’s press release, “DriveWealth’s growth trajectory and strong partnership and product pipeline were some of the driving factors behind my return to the company. I am thrilled to be a part of continuing its mission to expand embedded investing technology and capabilities for retail investors around the world.”

We’re not aware of eBay hiring a replacement to head seller experience as of yet.

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6 thoughts on “eBay Head of Seller Experience Returns to Wall Street”

  1. No need for eBay to hire a replacement; they never intended to improve the “seller experience” anyway.

  2. Gee. I am not sophisticated seller but I must go with what I have mostly heard from others. As such I don’t often think of the names Wennig, Zoros or Cohen in a favorable light. I guess being associated with the likes of all three of those folks speaks well of him for wall Street guru’s though? Also I sold a lot more on ebay before all the hocus pocus of the last few years.

  3. Just another rat jumping off of the sinking ship. I am sure that Iannone will not replace him because that is more money for him in the bonus pool at year end. Every decision that is made there now takes into account how much that will impact their year end bonuses. If its going to negatively impact their bonus no changes are made, end of conversation. That is one reason that Ebay continues to refuse to develop a chargeback department to work with sellers on chargebacks as that is nothing but an expense for them and will also cause their $20 chargeback fee revenue to drop. I still think this is going to be the one decision that is going to be the downfall of Ebays we can do whatever we want policies as they are entirely ignoring their fiduciary responsibility to their sellers by refusing to work with their sellers. All of the fake chargebacks that the scammers are starting to put through and will continue to increase as word gets out that Ebay will not do anything to help the seller even when they have all of the proof to show the buyer ordered and received their items will get the attention of both the banking industry and the feds and Ebay will wind up getting slammed from both directions and won’t know what hit them as any employee who had any idea of what needed to be done when processing credit cards left when Wenig started cleaning house of all the employees who refused to do everything in their power to come up with ideas of how to “glitch” more money out of their sellers.

  4. Another do nothing employee looking for a more stable future.

    If eBays day to day operations are an indicator of what “he’s built” … good riddance to back luck”.

    He can take eBays culture of drunkenness with him too … shame the BBQ wings over @ Walkers are on sale on Friday ….

    “He worked for Soros” thats all you need to know about his character !

  5. excellent, another do nothing employee jumping ship.

    don’t let the door hit you on the ass on your way out.

    you won’t be missed.

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