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eBay Uses Tech to Connect Shoppers with Fashion Trends

eBay Uses Tech to Connect Shoppers with Fashion Trends

eBay wants to help shoppers keep up with the latest fashion trends with the help of technology. An excerpt from a patent filing shows eBay envisions a system that determines top fashion trends and, using an image detection algorithm, extracts images of fashion items from a picture associated with each of the top fashion trends. “Using the extracted images, the networked system performs an image search for matching inventory items.”

The eBay patent filing Background section explains:

“Conventionally, a user can go online and search fashion blogs, magazines, or social media (e.g., Pinterest, Instagram) for fashion ideas. However, once the user finds an outfit or article(s) of clothing the user is interested in, the user does not know where to obtain the outfit or article(s) of clothing.

“Additionally, the user may not know what the individual pieces of clothing are called, a brand of a piece of clothing, or an associated color in order to search for the piece of clothing.

“If the user attempts to perform searches online, the user is typically forced to visit numerous sites in an attempt to find the same or similar article(s) of clothing.”

Fashion has long been a priority for eBay, and in March of this year, eBay hired a new Vice President of Fashion, Charis Máquez, who said she looked forward to building on eBay’s recent investments in sneakers, luxury, and authentication

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2 thoughts on “eBay Uses Tech to Connect Shoppers with Fashion Trends”

  1. Another useless and worthless patent filing so they can try to show investors there is still some value in Ebay even though they are losing business right and left as both buyers and Sellers get fed up with the broken platform that Ebay refuses to put any time, effort or money into fixing. I am sure that the so called worth of this patent will once again be grossly overstated to try and make Ebays balance sheet look slightly more appealing after they announce declining sales for the second quarter in addition to also having to disclose the Steiners Federal Lawsuit in their footnotes. I am sure even that disclosure is going to minimize the cost of settling or having to deal with a trial because the Steiners want it in court documents and records just exactly the lengths that Ebay will go to silence their detractors.

  2. another patent troll that will be yet another failure.

    and who the heck would buy “fashion” on fleecebay

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