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Kenneth Corbin
Kenneth Corbin
Kenneth Corbin is a freelance writer based in Washington, D.C. He has written on politics, technology and other subjects since 2007, most recently as the Washington correspondent for InternetNews.com, covering Congress, the White House, the FCC and other regulatory affairs. He can be found on LinkedIn.

2 thoughts on “Small-Biz Ecommerce: GoDaddy Deserves Another Look”

  1. BEWARE – GoDaddy is money hungry. I was with them for 5 years and every year they raised my fee 25%. They gave nothing else and furnished less then when I started. I wouldn’t trust them for anything. And to top it off I was telling my story about the price increases and GoDaddy blocked me from their page on Facebook. They didn’t want the truth told. GoDaddy is high priced and once they got you hooked they keep upping their prices. I was even quoted a less price once but charged the higher price and they would do NOTHING plus said the person who quoted me the price was wrong. Look elsewhere. I moved to SITE123 and got 3 years and added features for a little more then what one year was costing me at GoDaddy.

  2. GoDaddy – Things from the past should be left in the past. I was a diehard GoDaddy customer for 14 years. They were the best, customer service was unmatched. Notice the words was and were. GoDaddy experienced some ownership changes in 2015 and this was the beginning of the end for them. It was fast too. Within a year they were behind the 8-ball because technologies had changed drastically and their architecture is still stuck in years past. I’ve hosted close to 100 sites on Godaddy over the years and started migrating everyone away beginning in 2018. It is easy to check. Just check core web vitals on any GoDaddy sites and the results suck. Slow server speed will be an issue for all of them. Their incredible customer service reps had to tell story after story to cover their faults. It was disgraceful. At one point the server housing my site had hardware issues which they supposedly fixed, it was July. My sites were down based on their own automatic notifications every single day after that for anything from seconds to minutes. Every time I brought it up they went on and on about it being my fault in one way or another yet it started the day the hardware failed. When I left Godaddy on Jan first, I couldn’t get a single page on my site to load in under 3.5 seconds. Less than 2 weeks later with no modifications, my entire site was loading in 2 seconds or less on-site ground. In this business, time is money and can make or break an eCommerce business. I loved Godaddy, but they should be dead and buried. They would be much better off changing names and starting from scratch. Just like Monster Commerce, Network Solutions, Buy.com, their heyday was long over. Just like the sites mentioned, they were incredible when they were in their prime and those days ended long ago.

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