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eBay Announces Updates to New Selling Page

eBay Announces Updates to New Selling Page

eBay sent an email to sellers on Wednesday with the subject line, “Welcome to the new selling experience.” Inside was information about the new “All Selling Page” that some sellers have been protesting recently as eBay rolls out the new “experience.”

“Just got this email from eBay letting me know of the change in the My eBay Selling page and the link to click to switch between the old and new views,” said one of the readers who forwarded the email to EcommerceBytes. “Trouble is I was switched without warning a month ago and the links they mention no longer exist, there is NO way to go back to the old view.”

Another reader who forwarded us the email said, “Why can’t eBay stop making changes without my permission???”

Importantly, eBay said in the announcement that it was listening to seller feedback and listed some updates to the All Selling page – for example, “Show up to 200 items to match the classic All Selling page.”

There has been some confusion about the new page, and in a recent thread on another board on eBay, a seller explained the difference between Seller Hub and the All Selling Page, showing screenshots including the classic view.

Another seller on the thread provided links to the “classic-style selling” page and the “sold” page, recommending others bookmark them for reference.

However, all signs point to eBay at some point eliminating access to the classic views – the email to sellers started out, “As we modernize our marketplace, we’ve replaced the classic My eBay All Selling page with a new experience that will support you when eBay manages your payments, and improve your selling experience. Based on your feedback, we’ve started enhancing the page and some updates have already been released.”

For those not yet moved to the new “experience,” the announcement explained how to access the new feature (with additional details included in a FAQs section):

“You can now access the new All Selling page either by clicking on “Switch to new All Selling view” in the upper right corner of My eBay Selling > Overview or by clicking Listings > All Selling in the main navigation of Seller Hub.”

The FAQs said the Seller Hub offers a single destination for managing eBay selling activities, and “It also gives you useful data and recommendations to help you grow your eBay sales,” listing the following examples:

  • At a glance dashboard: A single dashboard to see how you’re doing on eBay at a glance, customize it as per your requirements, and view tasks requiring immediate attention.
  • Manage Orders: Access and ship your orders, as well as access returns and cancellations.
  • Manage listings: Access active, unsold, scheduled, and draft listings, perform actions (single and bulk) directly from the page, including sending offers to buyers, adding promoted listings, and editing item specifics.
  • Run marketing and promotions: If you have a store subscription, create and manage promoted listings and promotions (sales and discounts) all in one place.
  • Monitor your business: You can create custom dashboards to track listing activities, sales, costs, traffic data, and more.
  • View payouts: If you’re a managed payments seller, you can view previous payouts, find out when you’ll receive your next payout, and check if you’ve any funds on hold.
  • Analyze business performance: You’ll receive personalized insights, as well as tips to improve your business.

eBay also noted more changes were planned, writing: “There are also additional changes that are in progress and will be released soon.”

In addition to emailing the information, eBay also posted an announcement on this thread on the discussion boards yesterday.

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