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eBay Replaces Chief Executive in Charge of HR

eBay Replaces Chief Executive in Charge of HR

eBay’s head of Human Resources is departing the company. eBay’s awkwardly worded filing with the SEC said that on January 19th, Kristin Yetto “agreed to step down from her role.”

The next day, eBay publicly announced that Cornelius Boone will succeed Ms. Yetto as Senior Vice President, Chief People Officer.

The filing also noted that Yetto will remain with the company until March 16, 2021 to support the transition.

As a chief executive, Yetto is featured on eBay’s “Our Leaders” page, which outlines her responsibilities as follows: “Kristin Yetto is responsible for all aspects of human resources across eBay. She drives business performance, talent development and acquisition, learning and development, compensation, benefits, HR shared services, and people tools and technologies – and oversees the continuing evolution of the company’s culture.”

It also credits her with helping in a turnaround in the Marketplaces business (referring to the 2009 – 2011 time period) and in the drive to expand internationally.

In eBay’s announcement naming her replacement, the company noted she “will be leaving the company to pursue other opportunities.” eBay CEO Jamie Iannone was quoted:

“We are incredibly grateful to Kristin for the nearly 18 years she’s spent at eBay. Kristin became Chief People Officer in 2015 and since then, she has built a strong, modern People team with enormously talented professionals who put their hearts into their work on behalf of employees around the world. We’re in a stronger position today because of her leadership. As a leader with deep eBay experience and understanding, she will be missed. We want to wish Kristin the best of luck with her future endeavors.”

Yetto’s replacement, Cornelius Boone, comes to eBay from American Airlines where he was Vice President of Human Resources. He had worked at Walmart between 2010 – 2018, and eBay noted that during his time at the retailer, he worked in the Bay Area leading and co-leading human resources for a number of the business segments at Walmart ecommerce.

Iannone, who also did a stint at Walmart, said in the press announcement:

“We are excited to welcome Cornelius to the team. I’ve known him for many years, and I’m impressed by his enthusiasm and strong leadership acumen. He has an impressive combination of technology, ecommerce, operations, supply chain/logistics and employment law experience. I’m confident that Cornelius will integrate seamlessly with our strong and talented executive leadership team.”

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Ina Steiner
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3 thoughts on “eBay Replaces Chief Executive in Charge of HR”

  1. Who are the people in your ebayhood? (who are the people in your neighborhood?)

    Seller Protection Chief:

    Oh, lazy Griff is chief of protection

    Though hes %100 full of misdirection

    When a buyer comes to steal from you

    eBays there to help him see it through

    Useless CEO:

    A Walmart reject is back in charge

    who wastes time but thinks hes pretty large

    Hes done nothing for almost an entire year

    What little he does brings everyone to tear

    They’re the eBay people that you meet each day

    Another CRONY job to accomplish nothing. …. think Im just making it up?? “EBay CEO taps former Walmart colleague as new chief people officer”, “started his career as an employment lawyer – OH YEY”.

    Hes another “do nothing lawyer”, he knows NOTHING about “technology, ecommerce, operations, supply chain/logistics ”

    How about eBay executive toilet paper roll checker?

    “He will be responsible for all aspects of human resources to drive business performance” – START by firing the useless 15k CS people who 1) do nothing 2) get it wrong all the time 3) lie cheat and steal to make eBay look good to buyers and replace them with REAL CS agents who are empowered to do GOOD for once.

    “compensation, benefits” – NOT NEEDED – eBay already over pays its do nothing Brass

    “He will also provide oversight of eBay’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (or DEI) team and initiatives and will report directly to Jamie Iannone, eBay’s CEO.”

    IDIOTS – hire the BEST people – stop making your company look like a Crayola box – just to please the weirdos in CA. DONT go by color, gender or anything else – just hire the best regardless of who they are.

    “We are excited to welcome Cornelius to the team” – wasnt he that priest in the Fifth Element?

  2. @ Pace

    Nice lyrics.

    But I don’t think they have any interest in toilet paper because it’s like their sunlight to vampires.
    Dirty Turds!

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