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eBay Shows Focus on Payments with Hiring of New Chief Officer

eBay Shows Focus on Payments with Hiring of New Chief Officer

eBay hired Julie Loeger to become its Global Chief Growth Officer starting in January. She spent 29 years at financial services company Discover, an indication of eBay’s focus as it continues the transition to Managed Payments.

Chief Growth Officer is a new role at eBay, which said it was combining Global Marketing and Global Customer Experience to focus on customer acquisition, retention and service. Suzy Deering stepped down as Global Chief Marketing Officer in October, and Kris Miller had left her role as Chief Strategy Officer in February.

In its announcement, eBay said that as Discover’s Executive Vice President & President of U.S. Cards, Loeger played a key role in influencing the company’s vision and “drove meaningful results through brand management, consumer insights, new account acquisitions, product innovation and customer experience. She is known for her strategic leadership, unwavering focus on consumer-centric innovation and commitment to ongoing transformation efforts.”

Loeger will report to eBay CEO Jamie Iannone, who has said the marketplace expects Managed Payments to generate $2 billion in revenue and $500 million of operating income in 2022.

In Tuesday’s announcement, Iannone said in part, “As we continue toward our vision of becoming the best global marketplace for buyers and sellers, Julie will join the leadership team in driving the overall company strategy focused specifically on attracting and retaining customers while identifying new pathways for growth.”

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9 thoughts on “eBay Shows Focus on Payments with Hiring of New Chief Officer”

  1. Interesting that there seems to be a lot of overlap between this new position for Julie Loeger and Wendy Jones’ position, especially when it comes to Global Customer Service/Experience. More redundant bloat at the top or are they possibly paving the way for Wendy Jones to step back/retire in the near future?

  2. Haha “focus on payments”, for ebay but not for the sellers, the payout went down today for alot of ebay sellers, says bank declined. Again shows how ebay, after 2 years still can not get mangle payments to work. After 5 months on mangle payments I still can’t get solid numbers for my accountant, I use to do estimate tax payments every quarter, NOW I do guesstimates, because their financial statement doesn’t match to sales report. With paypal I could down load yearly total on Jan 1st and would match my 1099, I could see my tax accountant 1st week of January, do my 4th quarter total and my tax form for the year, just had to email in 1099 and mortgage taxes and then just go in to sign on taxes. A plus so I don’t have to wait for a appointment, NOW I’ll have to wait on 1099 from ebay to even start tax paper work. MP isn’t saving any money from being on paypal, its costing me a huge amount of time

  3. This only becomes a good move if this person has the ability to fire those that have screwed Mangled Payments up for all of this time and hire top notch programmers who know what they are doing instead of Ebays normal cheap way of doing things. Iannone says Julie was hired to specifically to attract and retain new customers but nothing at all about fixing the tragedy called Mangled Payments which is where they are desperately in need of new talent.

  4. “Bank declined”, homes? Why would any bank decline payments being deposited? That false blame is weak, eBay. Just weak.

  5. I knew something was up when I had to hold my nose while reading this post. It smelled bad – just wasnt sure why.

    “Dude, she worked for Discover Card” … what – they couldnt find anyone from Diners Club?

    Shes basically worked at Discover for most of her job cycle and before that Anheuser-Busch for a few years. Her resume is WAY TO SHORT to be put in charge of something this large.

    Her job was just “New Cardmember Acquisition ” aka giving out toasters to anyone that took out a Discover Card.

    Gimme a break – more BS – I knew something stunk!

    1. They probably hired another top level executive whose sold purpose at Ebay is to come up with all of these crazy titles. They probably also get a bonus for each one that Ebay actually uses.

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